Aayan’s 1st Birthday Portrait Session by DA Photography at Brampton, ON

There is something magical about the first year of a child’s life and the constant way they look upon the world with eyes filled with wonder and a smile that whispers secrets from ear to ear of the adventures they’re looking forward to. Boundless energy. Squeals of delight at the simple things, remind you of the awe that weaves its way into the ordinary. Then laughter drifts across the room as the proud parents they see the trademark ‘look’, reserved for special moments where their little comedian claims his place in the spotlight. It’s a gift to behold the vivid picture that these brush strokes of everyday family life paint, because quite like the eyes of a toddler you can’t help but walk away feeling more appreciative of those same little things.

Baby PortraitMy letters and numbersBaby's 1st Birthday party

Aayan’s playful gaze and telling smirk burst forth readily, which made my job as a photographer feel as natural as breathing. There are a wide variety of temperaments, which children bring to each session, enriching their photos, as they infuse the seat of their soul into each shot, with a dash of the best of their parents. Despite being just a year old, there was a great deal of wisdom in his eyes that reflected the wisdom radiating from his Father’s eyes, while the way he greeted the world around him with open arms matched the nurturing and caring way his Mother moves about the world.

Baby's AttentionLittle EyesMy Name is ASesame Street Baby Theme

Lakshmi and Armin have given me the absolute joy of photographing not only their sister’s wedding year ago, but also the beauty of welcoming baby Aayan to the family. I look forward to further opportunities to give the Bansal family pictures to dot the walls of their home.

Children PortraitUnder the Christmas treeSesame Street Birthday Card Invitation by DA Photography

Photos taken December 14th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography.

Location: Private Property, Brampton, ON



2 thoughts on “Aayan’s 1st Birthday Portrait Session by DA Photography at Brampton, ON

  1. Hi I am looking for a classy Sesame Street birthday invitation for my son’s party. I would like to know where to find that invitation of your cute child that is on? Nice pictures by the way. Very nice

  2. Thanks for your e-mail.
    The birthday card design it’s created by my photo studio and I used it for couple birthdays parties so far.
    What will be the best way to help you with that design for your son’s birthday party?
    If you like to contact me in more details please feel free to e-mail me on info@daphotostudio.com for more details and options if you like to use the same design.


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