Wedding Photographer | A Beautifully Blended Family | Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club, Thornton, ON

Making a blended family work is difficult. Holding a wedding that includes everyone is even more challenging. Connie and Oliver pulled it all of beautifully! A Beautifully Blended Family During weddings with blended families, it’s especially important to make the kids a part of your celebration. Maybe the kids didn’t choose your new partner, but

Wedding Photographer | It’s What I Do | Behind the Scene

It’s What I Do Our relationship is intense. We get to know each other quickly, discuss hopes and dreams during our first meeting and put a lot of trust in one another right off the bat. It’s a vulnerable situation we’re in. So, here’s a little background information to hopefully ease your mind. This is

Wedding Photographer | The Finer Things with Stephanie & Constantin | West River, Concord, ON

Perfect Planning Exactly a year ago I had the pleasure of photographing Stephanie and Constantin’s wedding, a luxurious event held in Downtown Toronto. Everything right down to the bride’s gift for her mother and the beautifully crafted cake was planned perfectly. Stephanie has an eye for detail and I could tell that her skillful touch