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It has taken me a while to find the right words to convey just how much the preservation of memories through photography means to me. The ability to be a creator of heirlooms has a huge emotional impact on me. I turn those emotions into fuel for my creativity to produce something that will cherished for generations. This blog is part 3 of a series of five big changes we will see for DA Photography in 2019.

Creating heirlooms

Family heirlooms

Family heirloom

Photographer for Family heirlooms

3/5 | Heirlooms

Photographers for Family heirlooms

Family Albums heirlooms in Guelph

Toddler heirlooms

Toddler heirloom

Family Photo Albums in Guelph

This isn’t technically a change, but more an eye opener that I want to bring to my clients attention. Having lost my mother several years ago, I struggled with the fact that I was a photographer, yet hadn’t been practicing what I preach. I am always encouraging clients to document their lives through lifestyle portrait sessions. Otherwise, before we know it, that chapter of our lives will have passed. Children grow in leaps and bounds and their looks, needs, interests and styles all change. I realized that I was so caught up with work that I had forgotten to document those closest to me.

Christening Photo Album in Guelph

Christening Photo Album in Milton

Baby Heirlooms

The power of imagery is a perfect heirlooms to pass down

Family Albums in Burlington

Engagement Photo Albums in Burlington

Engagement Photo Album in Burlington

One of the things we love to do as a family is to look back at past photos. Laughing at either the memory or styles of that time. The problem with technology is that we take pictures on our phones that get uploaded to a hard drive but then sit unopened. Printed photos are becoming a thing of the past, but it’s so important to keep this preservation alive. 95% of my wedding couples order wedding albums for themselves and their parents. However, I want to open people’s eyes up to doing the same outside of their wedding day.

Guelph Printed Photo Heirlooms

Guelph Printed Photo Heirloom

Photo Album Heirlooms

Having the luxury of being able to display snapshots of our lives is something we need to make time to do. Whether it is a homemade album, scrapbook, or one of my albums that are handmade in Italy; the power of imagery is a luxury we are all entitled to. Albums are a way to pass on memories that can’t be measured in terms of money. We never know what life will present us with, but we do know that we can’t go back in time to get one last photo. Capturing our planet to document how we are living or photographing indoors featuring our décor and style of this time, are things that future generations are going to be intrigued to see.

Family Photo Albums in Oakville

Family Photo Album in Oakville

How this priceless heirlooms will offer invaluable insights to future generations

Mated Photo Prints

Italian custom Portfolio with Mats

Wedding Photos in Italian custom Portfolio with Mats

I spent years finding a product I could trust to showcase off my photos in the best possible quality and fell in love with their beauty. When my clients see and feel these albums in person, their breath is taken away by their unique richness. I love that you can tell a story of a life event or a chapter through a series of photos. It is also an opportunity to give such a priceless gift to someone!

Sue Bryce Collections

Wedding Heirlooms

To find out more information about the selection of hand made Italian albums I curtail, please contact me directly. I can either incorporate photos from our photoshoot or images you already have, and there are many incredible finishes available. I personally choose the flat lay option to avoid creases and the UV coated pages to prevent finger prints and fading. You can take your pick from a wide range of covers including acrylic, stainless steel, woodgrain and leather. They are presented in a case that can be used to display the album. It is a beautiful way to cherish this future heirloom.

Wedding Photo Album Heirlooms

Layflat Photo Album Heirlooms

Creating Wedding Heirlooms

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Heirlooms Photo Locations:DA Photo Studio, Guelph, ON
Wedding and Family Session Locations: Georgina Pioneer Village, Sutton, ON, Paletta Mansion, Burlington, Gairloch Gardens, Oakville, Battlefield House Museum, Stoney Creek, Indian Wells Golf ClubBurlington, Lions Valley Park, Oakville, Edgewater Manor, Stoney Creek, Carmen’s Banquet Centre, Hamilton, ON
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Albums featured in this post are from the family photo sessions of: Minnie’s Family, Shannon’s Family, Chris’ Family session one and Two, Devika’s Family and Nadia’s Family.
Wedding albums featured from wedding of: Kourtney+Kolton, Misha+Alex and Daniella+Steve’s wedding. Engagement album from Leanne+Geoff’s engagement session.

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