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Patrick’s experience with my photography began the moment he reached out for information on a family session. We had a few back and forth discussions that day. I always make it a priority to respond to my clients as quickly as possible, giving them the information they are seeking promptly.  With these multiple contacts, we bonded and were on the same page with the photoshoot booked. I want each photo session to be fun and memorable for my clients. However, I understand that the customer experience begins way before the day of the shoot. The ability to understand what my clients are looking for and listening to their needs before deciding on a personalized plan is my first step towards the ultimate customer experience.

Great customer experience photo session

Family Session at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Communication is the root to exceeding customer experience

Patrick was from the Brampton area. Together, we decided that Heart Lake Conservation Area would be a great fit for their outdoor session. Patrick gathered his two daughters, wife, parents and brother who may have been slightly nervous but were also eager to see what was in store. The two girls helped to lighten up the photoshoot as they warmed up and encouraged the adults to see if through their eyes. As everyone visibly relaxed throughout the session, the atmosphere changed and it was easy to capture their connections.

Children Session at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Family Photos at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Heart Lake Conservation Area Family Photos

Everyone has a fun uncle and Patrick’s brother definitely fit the bill. It was obvious how much the girls adored him and they were soon having piggyback rides and loosening up. Once piggybacks started, there was no stopping them! Soon they got their parents involved too. The closeness and carefree smiles they created during these poses were perfect for signifying their close knit bonds with each family member.

Best Photographers for Heart Lake Conservation Area

Best Photographer for Heart Lake Conservation Area

Top Photographers at Heart Lake Conservation Area

I have started making sure to try to get every combination of people within the groups, leaving no stone unturned. Having the luxury to get pics of the girls with their grandparents and uncle rather than just the typical parents, provide memories and images for each person to cherish.

Grandparents Portrait in Brampton

Couples Portrait in Brampton

Costumer experience in Siblings Portrait at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Costumer experience in Outdoor Family Portraits

Outdoor Portraits in Brampton

Customer experience is paramount to staying on top of your game

Children Photography in Brampton

Kids Photography in Guelph

Children Photography in Guelph

Customer experience is the key to not only opening a door, but to cultivating the start of a journey together. From the initial point of contact and its conversion, to relaxing them and executing the session; the delivering and follow ups were just as important and strengthened the bond we had created.

Guelph Customer experience photos

Brampton Customer experience photos

Couples Portrait in Guelph

To top it off, Patrick left a wonderful review of my google business page which was the icing on the cake. It meant that I had delivered my promise and exceeded his expectations. This gives other customers the chance to hear from other unbiased opinions. In a world where online reviews are the first place potential clients go to, these reviews are so important. Most certainly, I always want to hear from my clients to better my services. Feedback of what else I can do means I am genuine in my desire to deliver a customer experience that is over and beyond. I want to push those expectations and make sure they are already thinking of what our next project could be.

Costumer experience in Heart Lake Conservation Area Photos

Heart Lake Conservation Area Photo

Photography Customer experience in Guelph

Photography Customer experience in Brampton

Family Photography in Guelph

Likewise, these ethics apply to any service, not just photography. Communication from beginning to end is the key to superb results. Just ask and allow me to turn your thoughts into memories you can all cherish.

Photo Session with great customer experience

Family Photography in Brampton

If you like what you have seen here, please contact me to document your lifestyle session.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location: Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton, ON
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