Dina & Basim’s Engagement Photo Session, Mississauga, ON

It’s always nice to have an engagement couple compliments your work, and it is even nicer to have a request from the same couple to have photos taken in similar way/finish as I have on my web site.During our meeting showed me photos (from my web site) that they would like replicate for their engagement photo session.

Dina & Basim's Waterfalls Dream

Everything was according to plan, except at that time of the day. At 6pm the light was fading for outdoor photos as well as it was pouring rain.

Bride to be Happiness

I think once Dina and Basim arrived at 6:20pm the weather changed for them and we managed to have an excellent photo shoot and fun experience. We were able to get to know each other very well and I am looking forward to their wedding photos.

Engagement Couple Portrait

Photos taken June 2nd, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography Location: Duke of York, Mississauga,Ontario.


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