Family Photographer | Divine Photos with Devika and Family | Brampton, ON

Devika and her husband have been blessed with a beautiful and photogenic family that is also loving and kind. Since we had met and worked together before, there was no need to break the ice. We went straight to work, capturing images of the whole family – including their newborn baby girl! 

Happy Cuddles - Family Photographer
You Get What You Pay For
A while back I worked with Devika and her family when there were three, not four. They liked my photos and enjoyed our experience together. However, when it was time to update their family photos the next time, they tried a different photographer in hopes of saving money. While they may have paid less, Devika said she wasn’t thrilled with the photos and she preferred the quality of my work so much more. Once their daughter was born, they knew they wanted the same quality photos I provided them before. So, Devika and her husband booked an appointment and saved their money. Devika told me that she’d rather save her money if she has to and work with me just to get the quality she’s looking for.
 Beautiful New Addition - Family Photographer Mommy's Little Princess - Family Photographer Natural and Beautiful - Family Photographer Big Brother - Family Photographer
Welcome Isabella!
Baby Isabella is the newest addition to Devika’s family. Her mom Devika had some great plans for her special, welcoming photo shoot. The angel’s wings, fluffy blankets and baby accessories like the adorable foot flowers, were fun to shoot with. It was a first for me and not usually within my comfort zone, but I went with it and I like the result. It represents the preciousness of this baby girl.
 How tiny and sweet in Daddy's hands! - Family Photographer Big and Little - Family Photographer Peaceful Baby Girl - Family Photographer Hanging Out with Daddy - Family Photographer
Brother and Sister Love
Usually I share a favourite photo of the day (if I have time!) after a photo shoot. This photo shoot provided me with so many favourites that it was a hard to decision to make. Both Isabella and her brother were great little models and he was so caring and sweet with her that I was able to capture their young love in many images. However, I settled on one particular photo of Isabella’s brother that I adore.
 He's a Big Brother Now - Family Photographer Some Big Brother Cuddles - Family Photographer The most gentlest of kisses - Family Photographer Growing Up so Fast! - Family Photographer
The Comfort of Home
Where’s the best place to take photos of your newborn? My answer: at home. There’s enough going on in your life when you have a newborn in the house. Parents, siblings and even pets need to get used to the unpredictable-ness of a new baby in the house. Why add stress to your photo session by packing everyone up and taking them outside or to a studio when you can straighten up a little and stay at home? Really, you don’t even have to straighten up a lot. Pick a couple of key locations in your house with a lot of outdoor light and open up the curtains. Voila! You have an instant studio in your home. With Devika and her family we stayed in two rooms for this photo session – the living room and the kitchen, of all places!
 Reflected Love - Family Photographer Now that's a genuine smile! - Family Photographer Happy Brother - Family Photographer Me and My Daddy - Family Photographer Cherishing the Moments - Family PhotographerBaby's Beautiful Rattle - Family Photographer
It was a pleasure to work with this repeat customer and I’m sure I will be seeing Devika and her family’s lovely faces again!
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2015 DA Photography
Location: Brampton, ON

2 thoughts on “Family Photographer | Divine Photos with Devika and Family | Brampton, ON

  1. Wow, I just relived beautifully captured memories, you are right it was as if we knew each other for so long. You are great to work with especially with children. Your talent is such a blessings to be apart of. Would’ve love to see your favourite from the last shoot especially with Isabella now walking. I promise will get to choosing our prints soon. You’re so understanding of our hectic lives in fact my husband feels like you’re a great part of our family. Thank you Dragi

  2. Thank you Devika for your kind words. It’s have been pleasure documenting your family memories and being part of your lives. Looking for many more to come.

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