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Sanja and Victor had already picked their venue when they started their search for a Royal Botanical Gardens wedding photographer. Sanja comes from Serbian heritage and Victor from a Romanian background so with my Macedonian roots, we hit it off. They were relieved that I would be able to converse with her family and my European background made me familiar with their style of wedding.

Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer

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We started their special day with the men getting ready at the groom’s house. Here there was gentle goading and final checks to make sure he was ready to commit. Meanwhile, the bridal party used Sanja’s parent’s house and offered tender care to ensure everything was perfect.

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The photo session and wedding ceremony was held at the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. It transpired to be the hottest day of the year so we had ample sunlight.   As a result of the temperature we had to make sure everyone was taking enough breaks and getting shade. Burnt skin and sweat aren’t a good look but it’s hard to remember to seek shade when you’re having fun.

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The Royal Botanical Gardens have various spaces that offer fantastic photographic opportunities. They vary from being strong enough to serve as the focal point of the picture to being sedate enough to not take over. One of my favourite images of the summer was taken during this photo session and became my feature photo on our 2016 wedding magazine cover.

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Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding

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The merging of two cultures in a classic European wedding by the Royal Botanical Gardens wedding photographer.

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Once the photos and wedding ceremony had finished, guests headed over to the Michelangelo banquet hall in Hamilton. The evening was filled with good food, a good atmosphere and lots of music and dancing.

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I couldn’t end the photo session without some of my signature nighttime portraits. With the help of the brake lights from a taxi, I achieved this look.

Wedding Photographer at Michelangelo's in Hamilton

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As a Royal Botanical Gardens wedding photographer, I love how many options this venue gives me. It therefore allows each photoshoot to be unique to the couple and day.

If you like to see more of Sanja+Victor’s engagement session you can check here.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2017 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Photography Assistant: Erika Alvarenga
Photo Booth: DA Photography
Videorapher: Nick D Productions
Wedding Outdoor Ceremony + Photography Location: Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington
Wedding Reception Venue Location: Michelangelo’s Events and Conference Centre
Make Up Artist: Milica Djukanović
Hairstylist: HAIRART by Branislav
Limo: Prime Limo
Wedding Officient: Tim Mauch

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