Stefanie & Yomi’s Wedding Day

Weddings are essentially a ceremony celebrating two people’s love for each other. As a wedding photographer it might become a bit monotonous as you attend multiple events each year, right? Absolutely not! What we absolutely love is how each couple takes the same concept and melds their traditions and values into this spectacular showcase of their love on their wedding day.
Bride at her wedding day, wedding photography
Bride's Shoes Waiting in Preparation | Wedding Photography
Can't Hide This Bride's Happiness | Wedding Photography
Bride Posing with Beloved Prop | Wedding Photography
Stefanie and Yomi did just that on their own special day recently. They were so happy and at ease that we didn’t even feel like we were on the “outside looking in” but were a real part of the amazing event unfolding before us. It’s rare to feel so comfortable right away, but after a few short minutes we were made to feel at ease. Not just among the family but welcomed into it for those few short hours we worked together.
Styling Groom | Wedding Photography
Groom and his Wedding Day Support | Wedding Photography
Quiet Moment Waiting for the Limo | Wedding Photography
Gorgeous Bride | Wedding Photography
Stefanie and Yomi’s personalities made our work ridiculously easy and their adoration with each other was a breeze to capture. Our only focus was to reflect what love they had glowing from them into the photos that will remind them for years to come.
Pensive Participant | Wedding Photography
Wedding Day Prayer | Wedding Photographer
Sharing the Love | Wedding Photography
Weddings are for celebrating love and it was so beautiful to see Stefanie and Yomi’s family celebrating out loud, without reservation and in great happiness for the beautiful couple. Exactly the way a wedding should be! I look forward to capturing more memories for your family in the future, Stefanie and Yomi!
First Dance of Many for Wedding Couple | Wedding Photography
Speech that got the laughs | Wedding Photography
Gorgeous Cake - Yum! | Wedding Photography

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