Stoney Creek wedding photographer showcases two idyllic locations that often fly under the radar

Now more than ever, brides and grooms trying to find the next best space to get married in. Many are even heading out of the GTA and over the skyway bridge to find their dream location. While some might go as far as the rustic yet elegant wineries of the Niagara region, others have discovered some more secret locations. As a Stoney Creek wedding photographer, I have noticed that this little city off the QEW has become quite popular.

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Stoney Creek Wedding Photographers

Stoney Creek Wedding Photography

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Battlefield Museum Wedding Photographers

Sarita and Olsi’s wedding venue introduced them to my work. The location, Edgewater Manor, had personally recommended me as a preferred Stoney Creek wedding photographer. Being very familiar with this location, I knew that they were currently undergoing renovations. I was concerned the outdoor patio area might not be completed in time. As a precaution, I had suggested that we use the grounds of the Battlefield House Museum for their wedding photos. With great photo ops, it was only 10 minutes down the road and offered a really unique background. It turns out my worries were untoward! It was all finished in time for wedding season. However, having fallen in love with both locations, we nipped over there anyway.

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Sarita and Olsi were local to the area so everything went smoothly without any crazy commutes. We started off the afternoon with Sarita getting ready in the bridal suite overlooking the lake with her bridesmaids. The group was so well prepared and calm! They were able to relax and enjoy their surroundings without any stress. As I made use of the mirrors to offer a unique vantage point and capture the details, Olsi and the boys got ready downstairs.

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Bride at Edgewater Manor

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This classic upscale wedding featured by Stoney Creek wedding photographer brings out the beauty the city has to offer

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Bridesmaid at Edgewater Manor

Sarita nad Olsi have lived together for years and already had two sons. Everyone was familiar with one another. Certainly, this helped everyone relax and enjoy as opposed to the usual pre-wedding jitters I often witness. Olsi, who is Albanian, comes from a similar culture and background to my own Macedonian upbringing. I understood his need for photography without him wanting to pose or for me to intrude on their space. With this mutual understanding, I opted for a journalistic style coverage. Without a doubt, this approach was sure to capture the essence of their day through the emotions. Watching his sons climbing over him as they tried to hide the excitement of watching their parents about to officially marry, was a classic example of my ‘in the moment’ portraits.

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Stoney Creek Wedding Ceremony

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Edgewater Manor is always a stunning location for weddings. However, their recent renovations have brought it to a whole other level. There are minimalistic straight lines of the walkway and patio underneath a simple wooden arch, perfect for dressing with flowers. It really offers a real wow factor! Sarita looked gorgeously happy as she walked down the aisle in-front of her closest friends and family. To top it off, the weather was glorious. Hearing the odd boat zip by and the gentle lapping of the waves as they hit the rocks was so soothing and mesmerizing.

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As a Stoney Creek wedding photographer find out which historic locations we used to obtain these striking looks

First, we wrapped up the family photoshoot in the grounds. Next, I jumped in the limo with the wedding party to the Battlefield Museum. One of the beautiful things as a Stoney Creek wedding photographer is being able to show people what is on their doorsteps. Known for our abundance of waterfalls, there are so many other equally attractive options when it comes to photographic locations. The age of the building and the long set of steps offer such a powerful and dramatic look. The angle of the steps makes it a perfect setup to show off the back of the wedding dress. At the same time, the lines of the structures and vibrancy of the greenery complete the look.

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Back to the party and my signature nighttime images

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Best Wedding Photographer in Stoney Creek

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Everyone headed back to Edgewater Manor where the reception was ready to begin. This venue is grand enough to not need upgrades. However, Sarita chose dinnerware and florals to take it all to another level. Nothing felt too over the top and everything ran smoothly. The guests were wowed by the amount of choice they had when it came to choosing their meal options. Then, as the drinks flowed, the dance floor filled up. We were so lucky to have the perfect weather, so as the guests were engrossed in their meals, I couldn’t help but rush my couple outside to capture the breathtaking sunset over the lake. You could still see its colourful hues later on that evening as we ran back out to complete my infamous nighttime shots.

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Stoney Creek Wedding Reception

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Edgewater Manor Wedding Reception

Our evening wrapped up with the Albanian tradition of lighting the handkerchief on fire, to signify the end of his bachelorhood and start of married life. This is during the traditional “Napoleon” Dance. Historically people fire shots in the air to announce the wedding.

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Wedding Reception at Edgewater Manor

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Heirlooms the keep the memories safe for years to come

After viewing their wedding photos, Sarita and Olsi were so blown away. In the end, they chose to showcase them in one of my handmade Italian photo albums. It brought a smile to my face as they had begun their journey thinking they didn’t need much in terms of photography, but I loved that they saw the power, well thought out photography can bring. Asking questions about your couples and finding those connections to get them to open up will always result in more emotional images. I was delighted that I could show them that through the album!

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Credits to below wedding professionals that helped Sarita and Olsi’s wedding to be one of a kind.
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2020 DA Photography
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, photo session and reception: Edgewater Manor by Edgewater Hospitality Group, Stoney Creek. ON
Wedding Cake: Sweet Avenue Cakery
Decor: Mega City
Wedding Dress: Best for Bride
Hair Stylist: DEM Studios
Ceremony Music: Bel Canto Strings
Officiant: All Life’s Milestones – Rev. Tom Chire
2nd Photographer: Igor Dimovski
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