Age didn’t stop this grandpa from joining in the fun outdoors during these spring photos | Brampton, ON

Jennifer had her heart set on presenting her loved ones with a family portrait session. She knew it was important for them all to have memories and images to treasure. She had envisioned an outdoor location, but when the weather wasn’t cooperating, we had to rethink our Fall plans. By remaining flexible and not settling,

These family reunion photos will be remembered for years to come, meltdown and all | Gairloch Gardens, Oakville

There is something so special about seeing a multi generational family reunion photos, whether at home or on location. Life can get so busy with work and family commitments, that it’s humbling to see that people have taken the time to prioritize. The pleasure I see on grandparents faces as they watch their offspring proudly,

Spring family portraits get personalities to shine through thanks to Mom’s attention to details| Burlington, ON

These spring family portraits were focused on highlighting each child’s personality and bringing out the fun for their photo session. Each child brought something that was meaningful to them; a guitar, drumsticks and a doll. This helped them get comfortable in front of the camera right from the beginning. Having such an organized Mom also