Trius Winery Wedding in the Picturesque Niagara on The Lake

For this elegant Trius Winery wedding in the beautiful Niagara on the Lake region, Alanna and Peter planned an intimate yet joyful celebration.

Due to public health restrictions, weddings during the COVID-19 era had to be smaller in scale. Knowing this, Peter and Alanna decided to plan an intimate celebration, inviting only their closest friends and family. For the dinner celebration, they chose the outdoor patio at Trius Winery. The venue set up one long harvest table that was able to accommodate all their guests and family.

Trius Winery Wedding in Niagara on The Lake

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Why This Trius Winery Wedding Was So Unique

Alanna and Peter, with a clear vision of their wedding photos, collaborated with me to create a comprehensive wedding timeline. We ensured to capture all the significant moments of their day, just as a large wedding would, but in a shorter span of time. While we skipped the getting-ready photos, we meticulously planned to capture all the usual photo events, preserving their unique wedding story.

Along with the photographs that I was taking, Alanna and Peter had Cameron from Bleufilms Production as their wedding videographer.
I arrived at Truis Winery ahead of time to scout locations for taking photos of the couple. I focused on all outdoor areas since the plan was for everything to occur outdoors.
The winery was busy with visitors. Happy couples enjoyed the gorgeous weather and fantastic scenery of Niagara on the Lake region.

The First-Look Photos at the Winery

Alanna wanted to do their first look in front of their bridal party. Cameron and I pinpointed a location that was perfect for it. From an aerial view, there was a perfect “X” shape where the paths met just before the vineyards of Trius Winery. Using this ideal vantage point, Cameron set up his drone to capture that shot. I was ready to capture the entire walk as Alanna arrived in her beautiful wedding dress.

Peter arrived first with his groomsmen, allowing me to capture candid photos of the boys as they anticipated the arrival of the bridesmaids with Alanna. Once Alanna and her bridesmaids showed up, everything started happening very quickly. I knew it, and I was all ready for it.

In addition to the bridal party, we had curious visitors from both wineries, Trius and Wayne Gretzky Estates No. 99, who were eagerly waiting to witness the candid first look between the wedding couple.

Alanna went toward Peter, and from then on, all the images we captured were as candid as possible. While I concentrated on capturing the emotions of these two, Cameron focused on the creative aspect, using his drone to capture a video from a bird’ s-eye view for their first look and also taking photos for me.

After we completed the first-look photos, I worked with the girls first. Then, I photographed just the two of them, Alanna and Peter, in the Trius vineyards. I knew that I wanted to take more photos, but it was time for the wedding ceremony to begin. The bridal party, including the couple, went inside to cool down from the hot weather. Meanwhile, I went to capture some candid photos from the pre-wedding ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at the Winery

The wedding ceremony was set to be held just to the left of the “X” first look, between the venue and their vineyards, offering an incredible view behind them. The wedding guests started arriving and took their seats set for them.

I found working outdoors with full sun exposure to be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it was perfect for capturing candid photos with abundant light. However, on the other hand, it was challenging to manage the constant changes in lighting with every cloud coming and going.

After a sweet and short wedding ceremony, Alanna and Peter wanted to take photos with each group of their wedding guests. This was necessary as many guests were scheduled to leave due to the venue’s restrictions for large gatherings, which were in place due to COVID.

We took photos of all their guests and then continued to work with the bridal party and my couple until it was time for their dinner. Trius Winery had so many cute places, and I wanted to capture them all with the wedding couple.

Our last photos for the day of the entire wedding party were taken at the wine barrels stacked on top of each other. Here, I was able to get some fun photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen while I also got a chance to get some intimate images of my couple.

Groomsman at Trius Winery

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Outdoor Patio Wedding Reception

I had just a few minutes left to capture images of the wedding reception, which was held on the Trius Winery’s outdoor patio.
The table was set up beautifully, and I loved how the images came out. There was a long harvest table with both families seated on each side. Alanna and Peter were placed at the head of the table to be visible to each of the family and friends present at the dinner.

I wanted to make sure I captured the beautiful atmosphere of this scene. I stayed more on my own so I could give my client a complete picture of their wedding reception dinner. The atmosphere was so joyful that I didn’t need to stage anything or put in extra effort to showcase this beautiful and intimate Truis Winery wedding.

Capturing Alanna and Peter’s Trius Winery wedding was a true joy. Their intimate wedding perfectly aligned with their calm and happy personalities, and nothing was missed in the execution of this winery wedding.
Thank you so much for trusting me with your once-in-a-lifetime event. I look forward to seeing you again!

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Wedding Receptions at Trius Winery

Credits to below wedding professionals and locations that helped Alanna and Peter’s wedding to be one-of-a-kind.
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2024 DA Photography
Cinematographer: Cameron from Beaufilms Production 
Wedding Ceremony and Reception Dinner: Trius Winery, Niagara on The Lake, ON

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