Wedding Photographer | Sunshine Amidst the Rain with Victoria and Darren | Caledon Country Club

As a wedding photographer I meet so many loving couples. On some level I connect with everyone I meet. In the case of Victoria and Darren, the connection was immediate. That connection was a blessing because it helped us work together when the weather was less than cooperative on their wedding day! If the age old superstition is true – rain on your wedding day means good fortune for the bride and groom – then, Victoria and Darren will be extremely fortunate.
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Despite the heavy rain, the fall colours were out in full force on Victoria and Darren’s wedding day. I was reminded how much I love being able to use the bright oranges, deep reds and muted browns as a backdrop to showcase newlyweds. The dark red in the bridal party’s dresses stands out against the landscape yet, doesn’t compete for attention from the eye.
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Victoria and Darren had a gorgeous outdoor reception planned for their big day. The ceremony and reception was to be held at the family house in Georgetown. Unfortunately, the downpour rerouted their plans and without hesitation or befuddlement, the couple adapted to the new indoor space with ease. Victoria didn’t panic and reacted gracefully to the major transition.
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The couple and their wedding party took photos on the Caledon golf course and in order to get to the photo shoot location we travelled by none other than golf carts! The rain was non-stop. Me, my camera equipment (and Jacquie,my assistant) was getting soaked by the second. As for the bridal party and attendants? They had nothing but a fantastic attitude about the whole experience. They were an absolute blast to work with and cooperated easily with us.
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The ceremony for Victoria and Darren was one of the nicest I have attended. It was filled with emotion and sincerity. During the reception I was able to provide one of my favourite services – my photo slideshow. The happy couple opted for the slideshow when the photography package was purchased. While the images of the earlier ceremony were displayed after dinner, the audience sat in jaw-dropping silence, admiring the photos. Usually I don’t get to see an entire audience review my work so, it was a humbling experience to be able to witness this firsthand.
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For dessert the couple arranged to have pies available for their guests. When I say pies, I mean huge, delicious, homemade pies. Every kind from pecan to apple and pumpkin to coconut. The table of pies was a dream. They were displayed on a large piece of a roughly cut log and the name of each type of pie was engraved in the wood. It was a beautiful sight and tied in nicely with the fall season.
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Weather aside, Victoria and Darren had a fantastic day and a gorgeous wedding. Their spirits were up all day and especially by the end of the night… The ecstatic couple was on their way to Cuba in the morning!
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“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Assistant Photography: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding Reception and Ceremony Location: Caledon Country Golf Club, ON

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