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Navigating the blended family photo session is much easier than you might think. Making sure that everyone is emotionally ready to handle a photo shoot is of utmost importance. You and your partner might be more than ready to take the relationship a little further but, are your kids ready to accept his kids as their step-siblings? A friend of mine told me that her kids referred to their step-siblings as brothers and sisters long before the parents used the term. The kids were comfortable with saying it, so the parents went along with the flow. Every situation is different though and generally speaking, if the parents are happy, the kids are happy – whether you’re still married to their mother or not. Finding that balance regardless of your relationship status is difficult and I won’t pretend I have the answers.

Blended Family Photo Session

Once you decide that everyone is ready for a photo shoot, here are a few things to plan for.

Blended Family Photo Session in Barrie


Be sure to plan and prioritize pictures of your biological kids with you, by yourselves. Your kids want to see these photos to remind them that they are important to you. We know they’re important to us, but they don’t always see it as clearly too. Also, think about your extended family. You might be excited and pumped about your new relationship with Mr. Right, but not all of your family will be as ready to post pictures of your kids with his. Everyone needs a different amount of time to accept this new family reality. In time, those who are more reluctant to accept your family choices, may change their mind. Once they see how happy you are, they’ll ask for a more complete family photo in no time!

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Acceptance and Love

Blended Family Photo on a Wedding Day

Taking a complete family photo and displaying it in your home gives your kids a sense of home and support. Their lives have been turned upside down and everything they know to have been true, in their eyes, is no longer. Having photos of themselves around the house reminds them that they do in fact, belong in this house. Even if they only live in it every other weekend.

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Outdoor Blended Family Photo Session

Candid Moments in your Blended Family Photo Session

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Best Photographer for Blended Family Photos in Guelph

When taking pictures of kids, the best shots are often the ones where the kids are lost in play, unaware of me snapping images behind the camera. The same is true for non-biological siblings. Catching your kids’ interactions with one another now will be fun to look at later in life when you and your partner have spend years or decades together. Remembering the fun times, the challenges and the milestones you created together will give you a sense of peace when you know that your kids benefitted from your happiness and love.

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Wedding Day Blended Family Photo

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