A Wedding Planner: Do we have to get one?

Having worked in the wedding industry for more than 25 years, I have seen many weddings that have hired wedding planners and coordinators or relied on venue coordinators. Many weddings did not have any wedding planners. As well, for many others, the wedding couple used their friends and family to assist with the planning process.

Real Wedding Trends – Part 2 – Steering clear of the fake

For the next part of this blog series, we will look further into the trend of documenting real weddings as they occur. If a wedding is captured with more of a trendy flair, it doesn’t mean that it is not actually a “real” wedding. Your wedding day is special no matter what your preference is.

Why we prefer scheduling engagement session around sunset

My past wedding clients know the perfect reason why we have scheduled their engagement session around sunset. Many of them liked the idea and went along with my suggestions to make it happen. Then, were pleasantly surprised with the results! Majority of my engagement sessions are scheduled for weekdays. This is especially the case in