Corporate Photographer | Terri’s Professional Corporate Photo Session Brampton, ON

Trusting a photographer to take your corporate photo can be nerve-wracking. If you own your own business or are arranging corporate photos for your staff, you want to be sure the photo shoot is worth every penny you spend. Planning a portion of your business’ budget for something that may be perceived as extravagant takes

Family Photographer |Dragi’s Journey | My Perfectly Imperfect Clients

Perfectionism is a concept of the past. We’ve all learned the price the of trying to be perfect. Whether it’s through the clothes we wear, our personal body image or the things we do, we’ve learned that perfectionism comes at a high price – our sanity! It is stressful and time consuming to worry about

Winter Hideaway | Welcome to DA Photography’s Indoor Photo Studio

Welcome to our hideaway from the everyday. Come visit us at our photo studio, have a coffee and put your feet up. Forget the snow. What snow? Forget the cold. Is it getting warm in here? Over the summer, we renovated the lower level of our house to make it bright and airy and provide