LaSalle Park family photos with lifetime clients

When it comes to LaSalle Park Family photos, I have yet to witness anything but perfect photo sessions. While tucked away, this location is still close to the waterfront and marina in Burlington. The park has access to the Burlington trail, starting with an interesting boardwalk and going deep into the forest. To top it

The benefits of branded photography and who needs it?

Maybe you are not familiar with the term branding photography. On the other hand, you may be well-acquainted with the idea since it’s been around for many years. With the rise of self-employed entrepreneurs and people working from home, there has never been more of a demand for this type of photography. The need is

Couples Photography and why they’re so important

I often get asked the question of who inquires for couples photography. Truth be told, there is quite a need for capturing images of two people, together. Way more than you might think, actually. That leads to the assumption that couples photography is synonymous with engagement photos, right? That actually couldn’t be more wrong! If