LaSalle Park family photos with lifetime clients

When it comes to LaSalle Park Family photos, I have yet to witness anything but perfect photo sessions. While tucked away, this location is still close to the waterfront and marina in Burlington. The park has access to the Burlington trail, starting with an interesting boardwalk and going deep into the forest. To top it

Why winter church wedding is growing in popularity | Burlington, ON

Alexandrea and Mike knew they wanted something traditional yet unconventional, which is when they decided to have a winter church wedding. Rich colour themes, furs, the possibility of snow or frost along with reasonable price point’s offer alluring benefits. Summer has always been the hot spot (pun totally intended) for weddings as you stand better

Fall Family Portrait Session at LaSalle Park & Marina, Burlington, ON

Families that book yearly photo sessions are always wonderful to interact with because they’re quite accustomed to the ins and outs of what takes place. They are often familiar with what’s going to take place on a technical level, but are often reserved at first, as they get to know the photographer taking their pictures.