The Most Important Question To Ask Your Wedding Vendors

Brides and grooms preparing for their wedding day have a lot of questions. Which is a very good thing! If you’re getting married, we think you should have questions for and about the services you’re using on your big day. Any level of uncertainty about the quality of their product or service can ruin your wedding day

Top 5 tips on how to choose clothes for family, engagement and other portrait sessions

Summer is well under way and thoughts of Fall are distant, which means one thing: more decisions about what to wear during a photo session! What should we wear? What colors should we include? Do we all have to wear the same thing? The most common question clients ask us relates to what they should

Bride’s “getting ready” session (98 photos with 68 Poses in 10 minutes time)

When I arrived at the bride’s location where Jess my bride was getting ready for her special day the first thing I did after greeting her and her family was to scout locations that will work for her photos. Sometimes on wedding days, something comes up affecting the schedule and the photographer is required to