Creekside Estate Winery Engagement at one of a kind photography location, Jordan, ON

The planning for this Creekside estate Winery engagement began when I initially met Alicia. She came with her fiancé Jeff to one of our wedding shows. They were really drawn to the quality of my work and said how impressed they were with the presentation. They seemed to really love the Italian handmade albums! It was here that Jeff first told me, “I’ll be happy with whatever Alicia wants”. Then, I realized that by ensuring Alicia’s needs were met, would mean the perfect experience for both of the couple.

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Photo

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Photos

How did we end up doing a Creekside Estate Winery Engagement?

When Alicia mentioned that they would like their engagement photos to be taken at a winery, I assumed they would need to find one still. Not the case! They already had in mind their perfect Creekside Estate Winery engagement. It was not my first winery engagement session. Previously, I have done some of my favourite winery engagements. Therefore, my expectations for Alicia and Jeff’s chosen winery were compared with Two Sisters Vineyards and other high end vineyards. However, the only thing this location had in common with the others, was the vines! It was absolutely unique from the beginning to end. The versatility it offered is evident as you browse through the stunning engagement photos we were able to achieve.

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Pictures

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Picture

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Photography

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Photographers

Photographer for Niagara on the Lake Engagement

What Creekside Estate Winery Estate can offer?

The weather was quite humid that day. Rain was forecasted for later on in the day, I believe. Right away, that gave us two objectives. First, I made sure to start to photograph outside immediately when there was an overcast with beautiful soft lighting. Then, we could use the outdoors as much as possible before the rain arrived, sending us indoors.

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement Photographer

Niagara on the Lake Engagement

Niagara on the Lake Engagements

Niagara on the Lake Engagement Photos

Niagara on the Lake Engagement Photography

Jeff brought his daughter along to take some photos with them. The perk was that she was also available to assist me with some of the lighting. It was such a pleasure to have someone helping who is having fun watching and being a part of the session. In the beginning, we utilized the back side of the winery store, and the vineyard. We then captured some images with the door which lead down to the winery basement. I love the colour choice for this entrance and we ended taken quite a few photos there.

Creekside Estate Winery Family Session

Creekside Estate Winery Family Photos

When the heat and humidity began to really get to us, we moved to the basement. It was an amazing contrast in temperature. Such a relief to have this dark and cool haven when the temperature outside is harsh! It was then that the magic really began. This location was so unique in many ways. The entire basement was so inspiring, with  it’s wine barrels and layout. It was set up so nicely that I could have stayed there forever!

Winery Engagement in Jordan

Winery Engagements in Jordan

Best Photographer for Creekside Estate Winery Engagement

Best Photographers for Creekside Estate Winery Engagement

The PDA love approach to the entire session

In addition to the beauty and versatility of this location, the connection between Jeff and Alicia was the cherry on top. The way they interacted was so soft and gentle that every photo was completely natural for all of us. There was so much to capture in their eyes and their bodies seemed to follow that connection easily. Because of them, I was able to capture so many completely different photos and viewpoints. Being comfortable was definitely beneficial for them! Working with couples like Jeff and Alicia reminds me of why I love what I do. It is so fulfilling to perfectly capture their connection and moments that they will be able to share for a lifetime.

Creekside Estate Winery Engagement in Jordan

Creekside Estate Winery Engagements in Jordan

Top Photographers for Creekside Estate Winery Engagement

Top Photographer for Creekside Estate Winery Engagement

The Versatility of Creekside Estate Winery Engagement!

Near the end of the outdoor session, it started raining. This is when the versatility of this location was put to the test! Seamlessly, we were able to move to the inside in the winery shop. We had been right on schedule before and had succeeded to capture everything that we had needed. This left is with time to take some creative images of the couple in the other areas of this beautiful location. The window light gave me such a nice, soft light for a few of the pictures. It was here that I was able to really capture Jeff’s love for his future wife.

Photos from Creekside Estate Winery

Engagement Photo at Creekside Estate Winery

It dawned on me that I had yet to take an image with the sign of the winery! So, we went outside again for me to do just that. Of course, this was at the end when it was raining. I snuck Alicia and Jeff under the shelter of the awning on the porch of the winery. Believe it or not, working in a consistent rain gives you some awesome lighting! However, this is only achievable during or after the rain. This is where the photo shoot ended and the three of them went for a well-deserved dinner and some great wine from Creekside Winery.

Photo from Creekside Estate Winery

Engagement Photography at Creekside Estate Winery

Engagement Photos at Creekside Estate Winery

Thanksgiving weekend wedding blog

It was during this Creekside Winery Engagement that I sensed how awesome it would be at Jeff and Alicia’s wedding. Their wedding was scheduled for the the Thanksgiving weekend at Cambridge Mill, and here is that blog post. I was right! We had so much fun and I was able to capture some awesome photos and great memories. It was truly an experience of a lifetime!

Creekside Estate Winery Photo Session

Creekside Estate Winery Photographers

Creekside Estate Winery Top Photographer

Creekside Estate Winery Best Photographers

If you think that your planned engagement or wedding location is unique or if you are looking to increase its appeal, please contact me. I can help you capture the uniqueness of your choice or raise the quality of your ordinary location through my creative approach with my photography. If you need suggestions for it, I’ll be more that happy to do that as well.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Location: Creekside Estate Winery, Jordan, Niagara on the Lake Region.
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