Smiles radiated as this family documented their grown up selves in these Gairloch Gardens photos | Oakville, ON

Having the opportunity to document the transition of young adults as they find their way in the world is an honour. Family portrait sessions aren’t restricted to younger children. Sonia’s family discovered exactly this during their Gairloch Gardens photos.

Gairloch Gardens photos

Family Photos at Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch Gardens Family Photos

Sonia approached me wanting to organize something special for her parents. In reflection, she and her brother realized they hadn’t had any professional photos as a family since they were young children. They wanted to surprise their parents with some images of them all together. After discussing it, we decided the perfect location would be in Gairloch Gardens. Situated on the lake with vast grass grounds, unusual trees and a rocky shoreline; there are many different backgrounds to showcase.

Siblings Portrait at Gairloch Gardens

Couples Portraits at Gairloch Gardens

Family Photography in Oakville

Oakville Family Photography

Celebrating a new chapter in their lives for this special family in their Gairloch Gardens photos

Gairloch Gardens photos in Summer

Best Photographer for Family Portrait in Oakville

Best Photographers for Family Portrait in Oakville

Best Photographer for Family Portrait at Gairloch Gardens

Best Photographers for Family Portrait at Gairloch Gardens

We began the session in the morning so the early summer sun didn’t hinder us. Certainly, everyone was a little nervous at the beginning. They anxiously waited for instructions as to what to do and where to place themselves. As the photoshoot progressed you could see them start to relax in front of the camera and their personalities start to shine.

Summer photo session in Oakville

Family Picture at Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch Gardens Photography

I love that you don’t need props to make an image interesting. It is always a challenge to try to see what elements of nature or the surroundings you can use to make natural frames to create interesting compositions. As a result, trees or leaves, benches, buildings, trails and walls can all add texture and depth to your image.

Gairloch Gardens Family Photography

Best Photography location in Oakville

Best Photography locations in Oakville

The rocks lining the lake were a bit challenging for everyone in the group to climb over. However, they were dramatic enough to lean against or sit atop of for the family shots. We also stumbled across a unique looking tree that had these amazing sprawling branches. That tree gave an interesting feel to the backdrop. It offered the perfect spot for the mother and father and son and mother setups as they affectionately put their arms around each other.

Photography location in Oakville

Family Portrait by the lake

Gairloch Gardens photos in Oakville

No reason needed for these beautiful family Gairloch Gardens photos

Best Oakville Family photo location

Best Oakville Family photo locations

Sonia was amazing at taking the initiative to get these Gairloch Gardens photos done for her family to treasure. She certainly pleased her parents! They even ordered a large canvas print of one of the shots that takes pride in the centre of their family home for everyone to admire.

Photos at Gairloch Gardens

Casual Portrait in Oakville

Best Photographer in Guelph

Top Portrait Photographers in Guelph

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that there doesn’t need to be an occasion to celebrate or reason to get them done. Having the ability to gather your nearest and dearest around you to capture these chapters in your lives is reason enough. Above all, nothing is certain in life. You need to take each opportunity you can to preserve relationships through photography whenever you get the chance.

Gairloch Gardens photos in Spring

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location: Gairloch Gardens, Oakville, ON
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