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I’m an advocate for believing that we should embrace mothers and fathers throughout the year as opposed to celebrating a particular date. However, I’m also the first to get emotional when my boys bring home their school made Father’s Day gifts.

Father's Day Photos

Mother's Day Photos

Father's Day Photos at Paletta Mansion

I have been working with Farhana and her family since 2013, when her twin boys were just 3 years old. I have been lucky enough to capture so many of the boys milestones and stages in their lives as they grow up. Farhana always wants me to focus on the defining things that are important to them at that particular moment in their lives. Their first photoshoot was all about their scooters at Kelso Conservation Area, whereas these Father’s Day photos showcased their passion for bikes.

Children Photography at Paletta Mansion

Children Photography in Burlington

Children Photographer in Burlington

Family Photographer in Burlington

These Father’s Day photos were the perfect way to capture the energy of these twin boys

Father's Day Photos in Burlington

Best photographer for father's day photos

Best photographers for father's day photos

It is easy to see how much family means to them and while she included her parents in their last photo session, this time it was time to invite her mother-in-law to partake. We started off the session at one of my favourite Burlington locations, Paletta Mansion and Lakefront Park. This location offers it all and is perfect to keep children busy and engaged.

Family Photographers in Burlington

Family Photographer at Paletta Mansion

Guelph Family Photographer

Guelph Family Photographers

The boys are pretty much used to working with me now. So, when I followed them exploring the grounds on their bikes, their excitement was easy to capture. Farhana is always great to work with. She and I talk prior to their session about clothing choices and she comes up with a game plan. She had dressed the boys in bright, solid colours which made a vibrant pop against the tranquil lake and greenery.

Best Photo Locations for Children Photography

Best Photo Location for Children Photography

Best Photo Locations for Children Photography in Burlington

One of the twins had recently lost a front tooth. As that was an important milestone, I made sure to focus on his proud toothless gap! Their father who travels a lot for work, had such a beautiful bond with his boys. You can see how much they love being in his presence and these photos captured how reciprocal that bond was.

Kids Portraits at Paletta Mansion

Kids Portrait at Paletta Mansion

Twin Brothers Portraits in Burlington

Father’s Day photos to treasure forever, gap toothed an all

Top Photographer Best for father's day photos

Top Photographers Best for father's day photos

I am always astounded at how much energy these parents have and how they never seem to age! The only thing I can chalk it up to is remaining as active as their sons. Although the focus of these Father’s Day photos was on the family unit, I made sure to get some of them as a couple.

Couple Photography at Paletta Mansion

Couples Photos in Burlington

The location offers lots of favourite backdrops. I love to utilize the texture from the mansion, green foliage and the lake at the rocky shoreline. This time however, as we sought shade from the sun, I decided to experiment with a new backdrop. We had found cover under some branches which created a natural frame so I started snapping the boys silhouettes. The starkness offered a great contrast to the bright colours of the rest of the session.

Best Photo Locations for creative Photography in Burlington

Providing these memories to every family member involved goes beyond the experience of the day. Being able to provide them with physical images will ensure they will remember those moments forever and will be able to retell the tales to their own family one day. It is important to remember to celebrate our mothers and fathers year round whilst we still can, and these keepsakes will keep those memories alive.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location: Paletta Mansion and Lakefront Park, Burlington, ON
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