Why this Hazelton Manor winter wedding is so special

Kurt and Nadia’s Hazelton Manor winter wedding was truly unique and extraordinary, demonstrating that there is no one-size-fits-all wedding style or season. 

Hazelton Manor Winter Wedding

In my 25 years behind the camera lens as a wedding photographer, I’ve come to recognize two distinct categories of weddings.

The first category features weddings planned carefully over 2-3 years. Every element is perfectly organized in advance, with a focus on the details. Then there are the weddings of the second category, where decisions are made, executed, and cherished within a shorter span of 3-6 months.

While both wedding planning approaches bring the couples a great deal of happiness on their special days, the couples’ expectations of how the day will unfold differ vastly. Couples who plan for a long time often have higher expectations for their wedding day and have planned for everything to run smoothly, often with the help of their loved ones. On the other hand, those who plan in a shorter timeframe tend to be more relaxed, their expectations not burdened by years of anticipation. 

Winter wedding photos at Oakbank Pond Park

Oakbank Pond Park Winter wedding photos

Oakbank Pond Park Winter wedding photo

Oakbank Pond Park winter wedding photography

Hazelton Manor winter Wedding in Vaughan

Hazelton Manor Wedding Photographer

Nadia and Kurt’s Journey for their Hazelton Manor winter wedding

Nadia and Kurt fell into the second category of wedding couples. They reached out to me in mid-December for their wedding on February 5th of the following year. Less than two months to plan a large wedding is indeed a challenge. On top of that, they faced uncertainties like COVID-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings and the impending arrival of their baby girl. Their focus, however, was clear – they simply wanted to get married.

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A Hazelton Manor Winter Wedding

Their chosen venue was the elegant Hazelton Manor in Vaughan, a perfect setting for their traditional Indian wedding. With the promise of chilly temperatures in February, we brainstormed how to capture their special moments during the mid-winter weather. In the end, Kurt’s idea of having their Hazleton Manor winter wedding photo session at the quaint Oakbank Park was pure genius.

On the big day, I joined Kurt at the park following Nadia’s getting ready photos at her parents’ house. Kurt, dressed in traditional Indian attire, was so excited and soon after, Nadia arrived for their first look photos. The weather was cold, with fantastic snow covering all the surroundings and the sun shining.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures and the blanket of snow, their affection for each other radiated, undiminished.

Although I could talk further about these amazing moments, the photos convey what words cannot express more effectively.

First look at Oakbank Pond Park

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Bride and Groom at Oakbank Pond Park in Vaughan

Bride and Groom at Oakbank Pond Park

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Winter wedding photography at Oakbank Pond Park

Oakbank Pond Park Winter wedding photography

Winter weddings at Oakbank Pond Park

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Capturing Love Amidst Winter’s Chill

Their families then arrived and braved the cold for family portraits before we headed to Hazelton Manor for the winter wedding ceremony and reception. They had opted for photo booth coverage, so I arrived early at Hazelton Manor to set everything up, ensuring everything was in place and ready.

The lobby of Hazelton Manor transformed into a canvas for their Indian wedding ceremony. With my experience with Indian weddings, I made sure to obtain a copy of their printed program for the day. I followed it as the program guided their guests, capturing each ritual in timeless photographs.

In every Indian wedding, there’s a moment for the bride and groom to change their outfits, and during this time, I used a few spare minutes to capture photos of them. 

One of the highlights for me was capturing the cowboy boots Nadia chose to wear. They were custom-made by Kurt’s family business, and she wore them proudly. These personal touches added layers of meaning to their day.

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Traditional Indian Wedding Dress at Hazelton Manor

Traditional Indian Wedding Dress at Oakbank Pond Park

A Perfectly Relaxed Reception

Their reception was very relaxed, with a seamless blend of stress-free perfection. The photo booth entertained guests while the DJ played songs that resonated with the couple. Decorated with Homer and Marge Simpson, their wedding cake reminded me how much these two know each other and how uniquely suited they are to each other. 

Before I left, even on a cold night with -20 degrees Celsius, I captured some nighttime photos under the stars in front of the Hazelton Manor.

Wedding Ceremony at Hazelton Manor

Bride and Groom at Hazelton Manor winter wedding

Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony at Hazelton Manor

Wedding Ceremonies at Hazelton Manor

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Beyond the Wedding Day

Nadia and Kurt’s wedding was not just an event but a journey that continued beyond the ceremony. Given their tight timeline of less than two months to plan the wedding, there wasn’t enough time for an engagement session. Instead, the couple chose to have a baby photo session once their little one arrived. I’m delighted to share that I had the honour of capturing photos of baby “Q” and their family a few months later in the same relaxed atmosphere at their home. Although they were no longer bride and groom, they had become mom and dad.

Their wedding was a testament to the depth of their love, and I’m grateful to have been part of their journey, immortalizing their one-of-a-kind moments.

Thank you, guys, for allowing me to capture the true meaning of your love and document these one-in-a-lifetime moments from your happy milestones.

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Wedding Reception at Hazelton Manor

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Credits to below wedding professionals and locations that helped Nadia and Kurt’s wedding to be one-of-a-kind.
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2024 DA Photography
Photo Booth: Rossana for DA Photography
Videography: Cameron Beauchesne from Beau Films
First Look and Photography location: Oakbank Pond Park, Vaughan, ON
Wedding ceremony and reception: Hazelton Manor, Vaughan, ON
Bride’s custom made wester boots: by Herbert’s under Ariat pearl bridal collection

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