Luxury Niagara Venue Hosts the Elegant Lincoln Estates Wedding

This Lincoln Estates Wedding of Salvatore and Sofia was one of the first weddings this new venue hosted in 2023.

As listed on the website, Domakin Events is proud to announce another charmingly exclusive addition to its roster of properties.
For many years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings at their other venues, Terrace on the Green in Brampton and Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek.

The new venue sits within a beautiful 10-acre vineyard in the Niagara region. It’s a picturesque escape to the countryside, offering the convenience of a ‘one-stop-shop’ when hosting both large and intimate weddings under one roof.

Lincoln Estates Wedding

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How I photographed my first Lincoln Estates wedding

As a preferred photographer for this gorgeous location, I had the privilege of being referred by Peter, the Director of Operations at Lincoln Estates, to Salvatore for his wedding photography needs. Salvatore, also known as Sam, explained his vision for the wedding over the phone. He mentioned having a small ceremony and family dinner at the tent in Lincoln Estates. He requested that it be candidly documented while enjoying the day with the couple and their loved ones.

Sam and Sofia’s wedding was planned just three months in advance, so there was not much to work on regarding the logistics. However, their needs, venue, and expectations perfectly matched my style and vision, making it feel natural for me to cover their wedding day.

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Love at first sight at this Lincoln Estates wedding

A few months before the wedding, Peter invited me to visit Lincoln Estates for a personal tour. I was thrilled by what I saw. This property had at all! It was like a castle nestled among a 10-acre vineyard, with unique interior and exterior features. A pond filled with fish would serve as the backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

The modern tent, strategically placed at the end of a bridge, added to the grandeur of Lincoln Estates. The entrance, reminiscent of Tuscan houses, added to the property’s charm. I knew this setting would inspire me to capture images that would be treasured for a lifetime.

After the visit, I devised a plan detailing how, when, and why I would capture the different aspects of the wedding at this stunning location.

Photo od a Red Corvette park in a driveway

Wedding day photo of a bottle of a Dom Perignon

Bottle of view as a Wedding favours

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Sam and Sofia’s intimate wedding at this countryside winery

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I used to meet my wedding couples face-to-face. However, after COVID, most preferred phone or video chats. With little time to plan and meet Sam and Sofia, these virtual meetings also worked well for us to connect.
On the morning of the wedding, I went early to set up my equipment at Lincoln Estates and met Sam in person for the first time. He was hands-on, helping the staff set up the tables and offering input on everything at his wedding.

From there, I went to Sofia’s place, where she was getting ready with her two friends. I could not help but notice a shiny, red Corvette parked in her driveway, which intrigued me. Inside, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed, perfect for capturing candid moments. Curious about the Corvette, I asked Sofia if it was hers, which I had assumed, considering her name was on the licence plate. “Yes, it’s mine,” she confirmed and said she planned to arrive at the ceremony in it. “Excellent!” I replied, already planning how I would photograph that part.

With Sofia getting ready at a location in Niagara on the Lake, it was very convenient for me to get back to Lincoln Estates for Sam’s getting-ready photos.

To my surprise, Sam’s best man was Lino, who happened to be the groom of a wedding I photographed a few years back at Edgewater Manor. Seeing him, I realized this wedding would be as awesome and candid as Lino’s.

Grooms boutonniere flower

Groom getting his boutonniere flower pinned

Groom and his best man at Lincoln Estates

Groom reading a letter from his wife-to-be at Lincoln Estates

Groom at Lincoln Estates

Grooms at Lincoln Estates

Wedding ceremony site at Lincoln Estates

Musical trio performing at outdoor wedding ceremony at Lincoln Estates

The bride arrives at her wedding in a Red Corvette

On this sunny September day, the property looked stunning and one-of-a-kind. Sam and Sofia chose to have an intimate Italian wedding, inviting only close friends and family. Right from the start, the atmosphere was warm and inviting.

With a powerful engine rev and a splendid entrance, Sofia arrived in her shiny red Corvette, making a grand entry through the gates of Lincoln Estates. She drove to the front of the venue, where Sam eagerly awaited her, and together, they walked down the aisle to the ceremony location.

The talented Vlad Morffis provided music throughout, with more elaborate performances planned for later that night. The wedding ceremony was sweet and short and was over in a heartbeat. Afterward, champagne flowed, and Sam and Sofia enjoyed mingling with their guests.

Bride arrives in Red Corvette at her wedding day

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The photo session at this Niagara in the Lake location

I felt a rush of excitement, like a child in a toy store, when the time for the photo session came. After I finished some of their immediate family photos, I led Sam and Sofia across the bridge to the vineyard at Lincoln Estates. Knowing they preferred only a brief 10-minute photo session, I turned their walk around the pond and over the bridge into a continuous photo opportunity. They enjoyed some quiet, alone time together while I candidly documented photos of their walk.
“Let’s get you back to your cocktails for now,” I said, “but we’ll take more photos at sunset.” I gave them a break from posing but let them know I’d need them later for a few more photos.

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Cocktail hour at this countryside winery at Niagara Region

I had only a few minutes for each area of this top-notch property, but everywhere I turned, there was something worth capturing. The tent was bright and perfectly positioned on the west side of the property, promising a perfect sunset view. When I spotted their wedding cake, I couldn’t help but snap hundreds of photos. It wasn’t just about how the cake itself looked; it was the attention to detail of the people setting it up and finishing adding the decorations. Each detail and flower was handmade of edible materials and carefully placed in the right spot for the guests to admire.

While setting up my lights earlier, I had noticed an unusually large number of musicians for a wedding. A trio played during the ceremony, and another 7-8 members formed an orchestra for the cocktail hour.
Meanwhile, Sam was at the front with his Polaroid camera, taking photos of the guests for them to keep while making an extra copy for the couple’s album, too. It was a thoughtful touch that added to the day’s charm.

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Close up details of a wedding Cake

Tall wedding cake at Lincoln Estates

Musicians perform on a wedding cocktail ceremony

Candles in glass holders during a wedding day

Dinner reception worth remembering at Lincoln Estates

Right after their grand entrance, I noticed the sun was setting fast. I suggested we step out of the tent and head over the bridge for our golden hour photos. They just needed to go over the bridge and were already at a perfect location. It was incredible how quickly we reached a spot that often takes hours to find. I couldn’t believe how easy it was for my couple and me to get those photos and at the same time not miss anything from their dinner reception.

This traditional Italian wedding was a feast of delicious food that kept coming! As we dined, the Cuban Orchestra, organized by Morffis Studio, played with such authenticity that I couldn’t believe it was live. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I couldn’t resist stepping outside to soak in the nighttime beauty of the location.

Wedding Reception at Lincoln Estates

Top Wedding Photographer in Lincoln

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Bride and groom during a golden hour at Lincoln Estates

Dinner from a private chef under the full moon

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the full moon casting an incredible twilight glow over the pond. Asking the couple to step out for even more posed photos would not align with their requested candid coverage and potentially ruin their fun celebrating with their loved ones. Being mindful of their wedding vision, I instead captured the breathtaking view from my perspective and shared it with them through their photos.

I promised myself that this nighttime opportunity wouldn’t be missed at my next Lincoln Estates wedding.
When I heard the Cuban band perform Botticelli, I was mesmerized. In my 25 years of experience, I haven’t heard a band that performed so well. Their music guided this intimate wedding through the night, keeping everyone entertained at the highest level.
The cart with gelato was on top of their fantastic dessert. Sofia requested me to stay up to the point after the desert when people started wandering around the premises and enjoying the gelato from the serving cart that was perfectly positioned in one corner of the cocktail area at Lincoln Estates.

Cuban Orchestra at Lincoln Estates

Full moon over Lincoln Estates tent wedding

Tree reflections on a sunset in Niagara on the Lake

Wedding day main coarse, surf and turf dish

Cocktail area lobby at Lincoln Estates

Wedding Receptions at Lincoln Estates

Cuban orchestra entertainment on a wedding day

Gelato cart on a wedding

Gelato cart on a wedding day

Gelato cart on a wedding at Lincoln Estates

Perfect match for this wedding venue

Sam and Sofia’s wedding celebration seamlessly complemented this premier Niagara wedding venue. Their needs, desires, and behaviours aligned so well with what Lincoln Estates offered that they appeared to be in their own home.
They felt comfortable and enjoyed their wedding, while I was able to capture the genuine, candid moments of their wedding day through my documentary style of wedding photography.
Observing this wedding, I can confidently say that Peter and Alex made a perfect decision in acquiring this property, presenting Domakin Events with yet another unique gem nestled in the heart of the vineyard paradise of the Niagara region.

Bride and Groom cutting as wedding cake

Lincoln Wedding Receptions

Wedding Reception at Lincoln Estates

Wedding Receptions at Lincoln Estates

Bride and Groom in Lincoln

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Credits to below wedding professionals and locations that helped Sofia and Salvatore’s wedding to be one-of-a-kind.
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2024 DA Photography
Wedding ceremony Trio: conduct by Vlad Morffis
Cocktail reception entertainment and reception band: Morffis Studio 
Wedding ceremony and photo location: Lincoln Estates, Lincoln, ON
Reception food provided by Edgewater Manor, Stoney Creek, ON

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