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When a couple first approaches me wanting creative engagement photos, they usually show me something from pinterest etc for inspiration. Jen and Jeff had a very different vision which led to an incredibly heartfelt and personalised engagement session.

Hockey Creative Engagement Photos in Caledon

I first met Jen though her sister Niki, whose wedding I was due to shoot. Unfortunately as we were drawing up contracts we discovered I was already booked for that day. I went out of my way to find her a fantastic replacement, photographed her engagement session and we remained in touch. Having documented other various milestones, when her sister Jen got engaged, they touched base with their unusual request.

Spring Creative Engagement Photos in Caledon

If you thought you had creative engagement photos, wait until you see what this couple captured in Caledon

Spring Creative Engagement Photo in Caledon

The first thing I noticed about Jen and Jeff was how much they truly enjoyed being in each other’s company. The second was their passion for sports.

When we discussed what elements we would incorporate into their engagement session, it became obvious that hockey and football would play a big part.

We started the day at their local hockey rink in Caledon where they both donned their shirts and went onto the ice like.

Hockey Creative Engagement Photo in Caledon

I love it when a client is even more enthusiastic about getting creative engagement photos than I am!

Creative Engagement Photos in Caledon

Caledon Creative Engagement Photos

The image of them sitting inside the net on the ice like with the dated puck was unique and certainly stood out. The expanse of the white ice like, combined with the crossed sticks in the foreground made for a nicely composed frame.

Caledon Creative Engagement Photography

Caledon Creative Engagement Photographers

Caledon Creative Engagement Photographer

Watching them in an environment where they were totally comfortable led to such natural and easy going shots. Their relaxed demeanours meant they weren’t conscious as to who was watching them canoodling on the side lines.

Wedding Photographers in Caledon

Wedding Photographer in Caledon

Caledon Creative Engagement Photographer

How this couple used multiple locations in Caledon to get the ultimate in creative engagement photos

Engagement Pictures in Caledon

Following hockey, they decided to head to downtown Caledon for a family outing and go fishing with their dog.

Dog in Creative Engagement Photos

Dog in Creative Engagement Photo

We were soon washed out with the rain so had some time to get to their last location of the day. Keeping with the sport theme, we decided to head to a football field where they played until sunset.

Photos in Caledon

Football Themed Engagement Photos

Football Themed Engagement Photo

Engagement Photos of Football fans

Engagement Couple on the football field

Football field engagement Photos

Football field engagement Photo

Football field creative engagement Photos

Football field creative engagement ring photo

Engagement Ring

The fact they incorporated their dog into their engagement photo session shows the bond they shared. The importance they placed on him was evident when we saw him wearing the shirt he wore when Jeff proposed.

Top Engagement Photographers in Caledon

Best Engagement Photographers in CaledonBest Engagement Photographer in Caledon

Sunset Creative Engagement Photos in Caledon

Creative Engagement Photos with a dog in Caledon

I have subsequently shot Jen and Jeff’s wedding, maternity and their first born’s photo sessions so they hold a special place in my heart. With such a powerful connection I look forward to documenting the next milestone in their lives.

Sunset Creative Engagement Photo in Caledon

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Lighting assistant: Erika Alvarenga

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