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When I was initially approached by Martha and Corey to take some amazing sunset engagement photos, my head reeled. I get excited at the best of times, but when I am asked to shoot at a venue that is new to me, my creativity juices kick into overdrive.

Sunset Engagement Photos in Port Dover

They’d set their heart on Long Point Eco-Adventures in Port Dover as a destination as that’s where Corey had proposed.

Long Point Eco-Adventures Photos

Lodge Pictures of Engagement Couple at Long Point Eco-Adventures

Best Port Dover Engagement Photo Location

Best Port Dover Engagement Photo Locations

Port Dover Engagement Photographers

As I arrived and absorbed my surroundings, my senses went wild. The landscapes, colours, tranquility and wildlife made it hard to believe we were only a couple of hours from Toronto.

Engagement Ring at Long Point Eco-Adventures

Port Dover Engagement Photographer

Lodge Photo of Engagement Couple at Long Point Eco-Adventures

Photos of Engagement Ring at Long Point Eco-Adventures

Lodge Photos at Long Point Eco-Adventures

Would you have guessed these sunset engagement photos were taken at a lodge only 2 hours away from Toronto?

Long Point Eco-Adventures Pictures

Long Point Eco-Adventures Engagement Photo

Long Point Eco-Adventures Engagement Photos

Long Point Eco-Adventures Engagement Photographer

Martha and Corey were so relaxed with each other that telling them how to position themselves wasn’t an issue.

Long Point Eco-Adventures Engagement Photographers

Long Point Eco-Adventures Engagement Photography

Best Photographers at Long Point Eco-Adventures

The rustic original barn boards that clad the star gazing observatory worked wonderfully in balancing the frame of these compositions. The blue sky against the wood, steel and glass offered such clean and symmetrical lines.

The amazing thing about being immersed in nature is that it brings a new level of perspective. It was great to be able to position Martha and Corey in a way that allowed me to showcase their surroundings whilst reflecting the scale of the size of the Long Point Eco Adventures park.

Top Photographer for Long Point Eco-Adventures

Top Photographers for Long Point Eco-Adventures

Views over the wetlands seemed to be never ending and the pockets of water nestled in between the banks made for great bird spotting.

Would you consider a biosphere reserve if it meant gorgeous sunset engagement photos?

As the sun started to set, we took a minute to appreciate the amazing view from the bridge. I hung back and snapped a shot of my couple as they looked lost in love for their surroundings and each other.

Sunset Engagement Photos in Norfolk County

Sunset Engagement Photo in Norfolk County

Best Simcoe Engagement Photo Location

Best Simcoe Engagement Photo Locations

My favourite of these sunset engagement photos was an image I captured from afar. It featured Martha and Corey standing on the bridge with the reflection of the sun in the water. Their dark silhouettes, ripples in the water, golden sun and the straight lines of the bridge led to a textured and layered image.

Norfolk County Engagement Photography

Port Dover Sunset Engagement Photographers

Port Dover Sunset Engagement Photographer

Port Dover Sunset Engagement Photos

This engagement photo session was very well received. It goes to show that as a photographer you should always be ready to step out of your comfort zone. By being willing to travel to a destination of my couple’s choice and to an unknown area, I not only had happy clients; it resulted in some great photos.

Sunset Engagement Photos in Simcoe

Norfolk County Engagement Photos

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Lighting assistant: Erika Alvarenga
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