Orangeville winter engagement photos with snow

We planned and executed this Orangeville winter engagement session quickly and efficiently. After learning that their wedding plans were disrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions, Natasha and Shaun moved the wedding date to a time when they could plan it uninterrupted. I was surprised when Natasha asked if we could take winter engagement photos, but I was thrilled to say yes!

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How we plan their Orangeville winter engagement session

I have lived in Canada for the last 15 years, and I still can’t understand why winter engagement photos are not taken advantage of more often despite the beautiful landscapes available. Although I understand why this is the case, given the harsh winter conditions, it is still incredibly easy to find days, locations, and places to capture beautiful photos with your loved one during the 120 days of freezing weather.

The light on a winter day is fantastic, and there are no or very few distractions in the background. The surroundings have a clean and sleek view, and the crisp air makes the images very sharp and vibrant. This is especially true if we know what to wear or choose a day with abundant sunshine and minimal winds or gusts.

The perfect recipe for these winter photos

It may seem unbelievable, but my favourite month for winter photos is February, specifically the last three weeks. Here is my recipe for the best conditions for winter engagement photos:

On a sunny day, with little or no wind, a temperature of minus seven to minus ten degrees Celsius feels like the perfect temperature. Fresh snow that won’t melt due to the low temperature creates no slushy conditions that enhance the photo shoot.

The ideal time for the photo shoot is on a midweek day around 2 pm when the sun is shining perfectly, and the angle of the light is soft but not as soft as the golden hour’s softness.

If my couple wears something with bold colours such as red, blue, or green, they will stand out on the white winter day.

The last important element of a perfect winter engagement recipe is the location. I prefer a place near a forest but still has room for open space with a landscape view. This way, we can enjoy the beautiful forest look and work on a complete sun scenario where the crisp air would showcase the landscape behind my couple. Typically, locations for this kind of session are conservation areas or national parks. Here is a list of many locations that I have photographed before. (locations link)

Why Natasha and Shaun opted for two outfits

I remember that day clearly. I knew it would get chilly once the sun set, so we started working with Natasha and Shaun as soon as they arrived. It was a windy day, but luckily, we had some shelter from the trees nearby. At least for the first part of the session, we didn’t feel the cold. Both of them were nervous, understandably, as this was our first time working together.

I knew the best, most relaxed photos would come towards the end of the session, but I needed to build a rapport with them first. Natasha and Shaun chose a simple location with a gazebo near their house. It may not have been super fancy, but it held special meaning for them – and that’s all that mattered.

We spent almost an hour working on the first set of outfits. Seeing that the sun was starting to set, I suggested they change into their next outfit. I could see Shaun’s eyes light up – I wasn’t sure why, but I was ready to capture this part of the engagement photo session in an entirely documentary style, without any posing.

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Orangeville Winter Engagement Photographer

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Winter Engagement Photographs at Mono

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Toronto Maple Leaves engagement theme

Near the park was a skating rink where Shaun used to skate. As Shaun was more experienced, I focused on capturing his skills while photographing Natasha’s excitement to be on the ice.

They both wore Maple Leaves jerseys, hats, and other gear with the team’s logo. Luckily, we had the best soft sunlight while the skating rink was empty, with just the three of us.

I put on my boots and went on the ice, asking them to enjoy themselves as much as possible. It was so rewarding to see Shaun transform into another person in his familiar zone – the hockey game. My part of this Orangeville winter engagement session became easy as I enjoyed observing their joy while capturing images that would be remembered for a lifetime.

I captured the last frame when the sun disappeared behind the clouds, and more people entered the skating ring. During the last few minutes of the photo session, I worked with Natasha’s props, and she had some great ideas for using them in the “save the date” invitations and other wedding preparations.

It was a wonderful experience taking photos of this couple in a place where they felt comfortable, especially since I love capturing winter photos. After the recent fall engagement photos, posting the vibrant images on my Instagram profile was a real treat.

I thank Natasha and Shaun for inviting me to their comfort zone and allowing me to share their memories with them. A year later, I had the pleasure of photographing their baby girl’s arrival, and it was a joyous experience. Their wedding day was fantastic, and their little girl was there with them.

In my upcoming coverage, I will write about their golf course wedding.

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Credits and additional information for couples that like to see more winter engagements
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2024 DA Photography
Orangeville Winter engagement location: Mono Community Centre, Mono, Orangeville, ON

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