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As we conclude our series of blogs breaking down the five changes we will be focusing on at DA Photography for 2019, we end with the subject of giving back. Truthfully, I have high expectations when it comes to receiving excellent service from others and I hold myself to the same standard. I’ve always strived to be more transparent and connected with each person that my photography touches. Going forward, we will be looking at ways we can strengthen those relationships.

Family Photography giving back

5/5 | Newsletter and Communication with Past Clients

Family Photographer giving back

Over 80% of my past clients have reached out to me more than twice. Some do so for further photoshoots or referrals. A large portion of those allow me to become their official go-to photographer. Additionally, social media has become a great tool to remain in people’s lives and thoughts. I love being able to share photos as a way to create memories that they can relive. Perhaps even featuring them in a blog!

Children Photography giving back

Kids Photography giving back

Find out why giving back is so important to me

Wedding Photography giving back

One of the ways I will be reaching out, is through the introduction of a seasonal newsletter, four times a year. Each one will be pertinent to the relationship we share. For example, my wedding couples won’t necessarily be receiving corporate and business news. I will be focusing on delivering interesting news, updates and most importantly, giveaways and goodies. We want them to be able to share these with their family and will also include gift certificates for the special people in their lives. My focus will be on giving back as opposed to marketing.

Bridesmaids in Waterdown

Over the last 10 years I have met so many incredible families that I genuinely want to stay in touch with, both on a business and personal level. When I have been there to document their most special milestones and chapters, I have an interest in how everyone is doing.

Wedding Photography in Georgetown

Wedding Photographer in Guelph

Documentary Weddings in Toronto

If you are a past client, see how I will be giving back in 2019

Pet's Photography in Georgetown

My goal is to reach out to people who find value in this type of communication. I will focus on delivering interesting information to those who I have a connection with. I want to nurture our relationship for those who want it and provide some feel-good material for the people most important to my sanity!

Mississauga Family Photographer giving back

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Corporate Photo Locations:DA Photo Studio, Guelph, ON
Wedding Locations: Royal Botanical Garden, Burlington, ON.
Family Locations: Georgetown, Mississauga and Waterdown, ON.
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Families featured in this post are from the photo sessions of: Farhana’s Family.
Wedding images featured from wedding day of: Ivana+Mike’s  and Carrie+Mike’s Wedding.

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