Rayon & Jamee’s Engagement Photo Session at Adamson Estate

Last week I photograph Rayon & Jamee’s engagement photo session. I share with this two happy people one common date to all of us, they will get married on the same date as I did in 5 years ago with my wife. Yes, Rayon & Jamee’s wedding will be November 3rd, this year and I have that privileges to photography that all day event.

Our Day at Adamson Estate

Usually I have theme for all my engagement photo session. This was nit exception as well. Although this theme come as surprise to me once Rayon took out from his car his football & the picnic blanket.

E-Session Football Theme

Then we got more happy faces and we spice up the atmosphere with more genuine smile from Rayon.

Just for You

From that moment we were jumping from charming/sensual couple to playful/happy life partners/friends.

Soon all of them will be available on DA Photography online viewing gallery.

Photos taken May 29th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography.

Location: Adamson Estate, Mississauga,Ontario.


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