Appreciating the simple things in life for these springtime Georgetown engagement photos | Norval, ON

When Danielle and Nicholas approached me looking for a photographer for their Georgetown engagement, little did I know that my camera would earn me their trust!

Georgetown engagement photos

Georgetown engagement photo

Georgetown engagement pictures

After a conversation about styles and work, Danielle casually asked me what camera I used. When I told her Cannon, she revealed that she work for Cannon and that was her preferred tool. Certainly, a workman is only as good as his tools allow him to be. They were pleased that in their eyes I was using the best tools for the job.

Georgetown engagement photography

McNab Engagement Photos

These Georgetown engagement photos highlight why sometimes less is best

Danielle and Nicholas had chosen a beautiful location is Georgetown which was hidden from sight. McNab park offered the perfect setting for what we needed without having to travel far to obtain it. Above all, their objective for the session was to keep the photo session simple. They wanted to highlight the natural beauty that spring offered.

McNab Engagement Photo

McNab Engagement Photography

Georgetown engagement photos in Spring

Having come out of a long winter, the focus was on the awakening of nature through the colourful spring flowers, foliage and flowing river. Due to the long winter, the water levels were high as everything was thawing out. However, this just added more texture to the overall images.

Spring engagement photos in Georgetown

Georgetown engagement photographer

Danielle had managed to get her father’s Audi which added a fun element to their photoshoot. Being able to capture images of them with the roof down, from both sides of the glass gave me ample opportunities to present them with different feels. As the clouds passed over us, blocking our natural light source, we were able to create a more dramatic vibe. This was the perfect contrast to when they laid in the grass surrounded by dandelions, which was a lot more light hearted and sweet.

Best Georgetown engagement photographer

Best Georgetown engagement photographers

McNab Park Engagement Photographer

The perfect location for Danielle and Nicholas’s Georgetown engagement photos was closer than we thought

Fun Georgetown Engagement photos

I loved how they seemed at one with each other and I was able to use a documentary style coverage to offer a glimpse into their relationship. Most importantly, the key to the success of this photoshoot was down to the relaxed demeanour of my couple. Their ability to be content in each other’s company meant that I was merely capturing snapshots of their connection.

Best engagement photos in Norval

Spring Photos in Georgetown

Best engagement photos in Halton Hills

Spring Pictures in Georgetown

The beauty of their Georgetown engagement was down to Danielle and Nicholas, who showed us that keeping it sweet and simple speaks volumes.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location: McNab Park, Norval, ON
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