How to eliminate fake smiles during your family photo session

When we think about family photo sessions, we immediately begin thinking of our smiles. Even during this initial planning process, the fake smiles emerge. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? The smile you practice in the mirror that isn’t too large to show off the wrinkles but shows the right amount of teeth

7 little known facts about my family photography

With Summer fast-approaching, the need for family photography become more and more in demand. Obviously with COVID-19 and physical distancing restrictions, business are being forced to adjust their approach to doing businesses. They need to prioritize the clients’ needs to be safe first and foremost. At the same time,  they also need to keep their

Why take first look pictures on your wedding day?

“Why take first look pictures on your wedding day?” is the follow-up to our last blog post What are first look photos on your wedding day? Our exploration into first look photography continues with this post to explain why it is important to take those photos. Often times I have been asked a number of