Luxury Niagara Venue Hosts the Elegant Lincoln Estates Wedding

This Lincoln Estates Wedding of Salvatore and Sofia was one of the first weddings this new venue hosted in 2023. As listed on the website, Domakin Events is proud to announce another charmingly exclusive addition to its roster of properties. For many years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings at their other venues, Terrace

The Big Cannoli bakery was the perfect location for this Terrace wedding photographer to set up for his portraits

As important members of Claire and Gary’s wedding party back in 2016, Diana and Sebastian reconnected with me once the question had been popped. Knowing my style and seeing the end results meant they were confident in their decision. However, their needs vs budget for a Terrace wedding photographer did not matched my rates. I

Wedding Photographer |Why the chance of rain shouldn’t deter you from considering fall weddings | Hamilton, ON

I love shooting fall weddings because you have cooler temperatures, no humidity and amazing colours. Whatever the season, comes the risk of rain, which is why it’s always important to have a contingency plan. Julie and Gianni meet me at the Ancaster Wedding Show.  They were such a happy, kind hearted and genuine couple and