Engagement Photographer | Cruising the Highway of Love with Niki and Joey | Brampton, ON

Young love and cars. A Brampton-area couple incorporates his love of cars with their engagement photo session. Booking Mishaps There are only so many days in a year. And, the wedding season is especially busy during the summer and fall months. My services are in high demand during those times and sometimes two weddings are

Engagement Photographer | Cottage Life with Krystina and Anthony | Muskoka, ON

Their sunset engagement photo session taken at their cottage in Muskoka, was a magical one, complete with perfect weather. Krystina and Anthony for sure make the ultimate cute, young couple.  Relationship Building Cottage life is an integral part of Krystina and Anthony’s relationship. Living and working in the fast-paced city means that summers are spent relaxing

Tristan & Jesse’s Maternity Photo Session in Centennial Park, Trenton, ON

This was photo session to Tristan & Jesse before little Nolan show up to this world. I think 3-4 days after these photos were taken Tristan gave birth to beautiful baby Nolan. I did not have chance to see him in person but I have seen photos of him, beautiful baby boy. Soon we will