Wedding Photographer | Simple elegance with this lake engagement in Burlington, ON

When Alex and Mike approached me to photograph their lake engagement, I knew the perfect location. Paletta Mansion immediately sprung to mind as it showcases the many facets that make up Burlington.

Lake Engagement in Burlington

They knew that they wanted something simple, clean and elegant and a representation of the area and their lives.

Lake Engagements in Burlington

We started out the day by making our way down the stone staircase leading into the grounds of Paletta Mansion. The large slabs and grey stonework really stood out against the couple on the staircase and the greenery behind them.

Engagement Photos at Paletta Mansion

Engagement Photo at Paletta Mansion

Engagement Pictures at Paletta Mansion

Engagement Photographer for Paletta Mansion

Can you guess where this engagement by the lake in Burlington took place?

Engagement Photographers for Paletta Mansion

Once we had made our way through the pretty grounds we set up with the mansion in the background. It is such a clean and classy backdrop without being too over the top.

Engagement Photography at Paletta Mansion

Engagement Picture at Paletta Mansion

Mature trees always add a majestic touch to a photo as you can see. The slight incline of the trunk, Alex’s bent knee as they leant against it and the foliage added so many factors to admire in the overall image.

Photographers at Paletta Mansion

The great thing about knowing a space inside out is that I know how to shoot to eliminate the crowds. When you look at the images by the lake, you would never have known we weren’t the only ones there. Part of my job is to coach my clients into believing they are in their own little bubble. This way they can focus without outside distractions.

Top Engagement Photographer for Paletta Mansion

Top Engagement Photographers for Paletta Mansion

Best Lake Engagement Photographers in Burlington

Top Lake Engagement Photographers in Burlington

Feeling on top of the world with this lake engagement photo session.

Paletta Mansion Engagement Photographer

Once the sun started to disappear we decided to head to the woods where the shadows offered the perfect lighting. Here we got fantastic black and white images of the couple walking through the forest as well as some impromptu shots.

Burlington Engagement Photographer

Burlington Engagement Photographers

Forest Photo Session at Paletta Lakefront Park

Engagement Photo Session at Paletta Lakefront Park

Flopping down onto the grass with your loved one is always a great feeling moment. I was pleased I captured their genuine happiness and could provide a visual representation of their engagement by the lake. Thanks Alex and Mike for proving that you don’t need multiple or fancy locations to result in great images.

Best Burlington Engagement Photo Location

Best Burlington Engagement Photo Locations

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Here you can see more engagement photos taken at Paletta Mansion from some other of my wedding couples.

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