Alfonso D’Addese’s Family Reunion Portrait Session in Toronto, ON

The most humid day of Autumn ushered in a photo session with Alfonso’s family. His wife Judy set up the photo session to capture in time, the joy of his big, beautiful Italian family. Reserved at first, it wasn’t long before the laughter echoed all around the room we were in and filled the crevices

Elise Evans’s Family Portrait Session by DA Photography, Toronto, ON

Photographing large families seems challenging as there is such a flurry of activity as the bustle of everyday life weaves its way into one photograph. There is a quiet beauty amidst the excitement a large family brings to a photo session. The wonder lay in the way personalities of each family member take centre stage

Brenda Tam’s Family Portrait Session at Boiler House, Toronto, ON

Rain can be a daunting prospect for photographers, as you immediately find yourself traversing the plains of the great indoors, looking for the perfect pictures to reveal themselves to you. We decided to make the best of the session regardless of the weather and even got pictures outside, which was uncommon for me to work