Newborn lifestyle session incorporating the family Harley Davidson | Maple, ON

When it comes to photographing a newborn lifestyle session, I get a little excited. Especially when I have already documented one of this young family’s before. Newborn lifestyle sessions are my preference. With these, my clients don’t have preconceived, Pinterest-inspired images to recreate. While feedback from the family is a must, lifestyle sessions allow me

Find out why in-house lifestyle family photos will be an investment you won’t regret | Oakville, ON

How many of us look back and coo over baby photos? We marvel at their little rolls before they got old enough to run them all off! Having taken Rosy’s daughters newborn photos 3 years prior, there had been big changes in their lives. It was time to document the next chapter through these lifestyle

Why my couple chose a lifestyle baby session vs a traditional newborn photoshoot | Toronto, ON

I have been privileged to be able to work with Stephanie and Constantin in documenting some of the most important milestones in their lives. From their engagement, bridal shower and wedding, to their lifestyle baby session celebrating the arrival of baby Michael. Having seen them develop as a couple, it was a joy to document