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My Favourite Things…

Presenting a few of my favourite images from this year as a family and wedding photographer.

Looking back at 2013 got me thinking… I have had the pleasure of working with so many different people, their families and their business asscoiates. It’s been a fun ride but, what if I had to choose 5 of my favourite images? What would be my reasons for choosing the images? Why would they stand out to me?
Obviously, since I take pride in my work I like them all! But, if I must choose, here are my picks. Scroll through, you just might be in here…
#1: Why? Good vibes. During the entire photo shoot this family was positive and warm to me and one another. Before working with them I had never witnessed the expression of love between teenagers and their parents. There was nary an eye roll by anyone on this day – parent to teenager, sibling to sibling – nothing!
Family at the bridge - Family Photographer
#2: Why? Peace and protection. While taking this baby’s photo, I turned the baby and the dog toward the window and stood in the front door (in the cold) to take the photo. Photographers find ourselves in some weird situations, all for the sake of the perfect photo! The contrast of the dog’s protective gaze and the baby’s peaceful vulnerability is telling.
Baby with his dog - Children Photographer
#3: Why? Keeping a sense of humour. When I took this photo of our friend’s daughter, I told her dad that he should enlarge the image and place it at his front door. That way, when she gets older and boys start calling on her, he can just show them the picture. With permission we were able to photograph at the fire station and this little girl was happy to explore the grounds.
Little girl on the fire truck - Children Photographer
#4: Why? It’s puzzling. This family has a total of 2 kids and 2 dogs. They have their hands full! This photo was taken amoung the chaos that kids and pets can create but, the image is peaceful. The way the baby’s body fits in with its mother’s makes it look like they are two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly into one another. After 9+ months of carrying her child, this photo represents the close bond the two will have for a lifetime.
 Mommy and her newborn baby boy - Newborn Baby Photographer
#5: Why? Dedication. The lines on this man’s hands have been emphasized. I wanted to show the hard work and dedication he applies to supporting his newborn girl. His baby is like a diamond in his hands that he holds precious to his heart. His hands take the brunt of the work, but all at once they also hold her gently and lovingly.
 Daddy and his newborn baby girl - Newborn Baby Photographer
#6: Why? Serendipity. Sometimes the stars align and I am able to capture an image that tells a a few stories in one. The look of determination on the little ring-bearer’s face is telling of the importance he is placing on his very important job for the day. The bride and her father are looking on the ring-bearer lovingly and the fact that the bride and her nephew are in the picture together with her father is telling of the generational ties within the family.
 Ring Boy at the wedding - Wedding Photographer
*Above photo is featured on the front cover of a Wedding Magazine 2014. I’ll post copy off that magazine soon on the blog..
#7: Why? Photojournalism and symmetry. Sometimes it’s not just the stars that align, it’s the angles in the photo. Not all photos are staged or posed and that’s what they call photojournalism. I took to the outdoors to get a glimpse from the outside looking in on the engagement party at sun-set. The lights in the reception hall are lined up symmetrically. It’s hard to see but, underneath the light on the left, on the soon-to-be groom’s side, sits his father. Underneath the light on the right side, on the soon-to-be bride’s side, sits her mother. Everything is aligned! Yes, this is an example of perfectionism and attention to detail that you might find in many photographers.
 Sunset at engagement party - Engagement Photographer
**I also heard that this photo may be used in an upcoming issue of a wedding magazine based in Toronto, which I find very exciting! I’ll keep you posted.
All in all, it’s been a great year for me and my family and it’s been a pleasure working with new and old clients. I’m a truly grateful guy.
Cheers to Happy New Year to you and yours.

All photos taken by Dragi Andovski and published at ©DA Photography.



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