This 1st birthday portrait highlights the benefits of using outdoor locations for little ones | Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton, ON

I have been lucky enough to see Kerry’s family growing over the last few years and document these milestones. I met the family when I shot her son’s newborn photoshoot. Fast forward a couple of years and I got to do it all again, this time with her daughter Isla. Now that we had started a beautiful relationship with capturing her children’s milestones, it seemed fitting that I should document Isla’s 1st birthday portrait.

Baby Birthday Portrait

The idea of working with little ones can be a daunting prospect. Imagine trying to get them to sit still in a stuffy studio and follow directions. Personally, I love shooting family portraits and working with children. I believe if given the right environment, I can capture a snapshot of their souls and little personalities through photography.

Photographer for Baby Birthday Portrait

Photographers for Baby Birthday Portrait

Check out the reaction when you add balloons as props to a 1st birthday portrait.

Kerry and I had decided upon Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton for Isla’s 1st birthday portrait location. The variety of colours, space and different backgrounds within the area makes it ideal for this age group.

Baby Birthday Portrait at Heart Lake Conservation Area

I started off allowing Isla to explore her surroundings and following her around rather than getting her to stay still. Her natural curiosity shone as she checked out the different textures of the grass and wooden decking. It is always good to bring or utilize props, which in this case consisted of a basket and balloons. If you have nothing, then using simple props that nature provides also works wonderfully. Think leaves, rocks, sticks or any other treasure your child gravitates to.

Baby Birthday Portraits at Heart Lake Conservation Area

The softness and volume of Isla’s tutu and the colour coordinated balloons translated really well on camera. I focused on those details and allowed the background to blur, drawing the audience’s eyes to Isla. By keeping the backgrounds out of focus, I could use the blocks of colours they supplied to add interesting detail without competing with the subject matter.

Outdoor Baby Birthday Portrait in Brampton

This adorable outdoor 1st birthday portrait will have you cooing.

Baby Portrait in Brampton

Kids Photos at Heart Lake Conservation Area

One of my favourite images is of Isla staring directly down the lens of my camera. Her blue eyes and little teeth protruding through her gums look so sweet and innocent. They are a great representation of her at this particular age before she looses her baby look.

Heart Lake Conservation Area Photos

Children grow up so quickly and their looks and characteristics that make them unique change rapidly. Capturing these quirky moments is so important as you can’t go back in time, so make the time to document them before it’s too late!

Kids Photos at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
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