Spring family portraits get personalities to shine through thanks to Mom’s attention to details| Burlington, ON

These spring family portraits were focused on highlighting each child’s personality and bringing out the fun for their photo session. Each child brought something that was meaningful to them; a guitar, drumsticks and a doll. This helped them get comfortable in front of the camera right from the beginning. Having such an organized Mom also helped to make a stress-free, picture perfect session!

Spring Family Portraits in Burlington

Spring Family Portraits

Burlington Spring Family Portraits

Spring Family Portraits at Paletta Mansion

 Paletta Mansion Spring Family Portraits

Caroline was so organized with extra outfits, hair brushes and props for each of her children. It was definitely impressive! She made sure that everyone had something that was important to them for their spring family portraits. With all the details checked off the list, the family just had to relax and enjoy spending time together. For Caroline, having her daughters’ first flower head band added real emotion to these spring family portraits.

 Paletta Mansion Spring Family Photos

 Paletta Mansion Spring Family Photo

Photographer at Paletta Mansion for Spring Family Portraits

Photographers at Paletta Mansion for Spring Family Portraits

Paletta Mansion Fun Spring Family Portraits

Bright Colours make these spring family portraits pop!

Best Family Photographer at Paletta Mansion

Outdoor Siblings Portraits

Outdoor Siblings Portrait

Outdoor Siblings Portraits at Paletta Mansion

Kids Portraits in Burlington

Utilizing multiple areas at this location is no problem! Every where you turn there is a perfect backdrop. Making sure to get photos of every possible grouping is something Moms always appreciate.

Spring Family Photos in Guelph

Lakefront Family Photos in Burlington

Paletta Mansion Family Photos

Top Photographer for Kids Portraits in Burlington

The youngest boy had such a fun personality which was captured throughout this spring family portraits session. Its key to let their real personalities shine through and not worry as much about posing or having fake smiles.

Lakefront Family Photo in Burlington

Top Photographers for Kids Portraits at Paletta Mansion

Top Photographers for Kids Portraits in Burlington

Burlington Children Photography

Because Caroline had thought of everything- this gave me more time to think outside the box with these spring family portraits. Hi-key lighting looked amazing with the families solid bright colours and really emphasized their emotions.

Best Family Photographer for Paletta Manasion

Best Family Photographers for Paletta Manasion

It’s not all about the kids! Getting Parents reconnected in these spring family portraits.

It was fun to focus on the most important people- Mom and Dad! My favourite part of a family session is capturing the parents and giving them a chance to reconnect and appreciate what they have created together.

Couples Portrait in Burlington

Couple Portraits in Burlington

Paletta Mansion and Caroline’s family were a perfect match! The colours, blossoms, emotions and fun created the perfect spring family portraits.

Top Photographer for Family Portraits at Paletta Mansion

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Lighting Assistant Danielle Cargill 
Here you can see another family portrait session taken by your local Paletta Mansion family photographer in Burlington.

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