Black and White Reception Photos: Are They Right For You?

There’s a recent trend we’ve seen in our own client requests for weddings, which includes black and white reception photography.

It seems like a basic concept unto itself but we’ve had many ask why a couple would want all of the photos of speeches and the dances in black and white. Here are answers our clients have given.
1.) Black and white photos take away the distraction of the color in a photo and all you’re left with are the expressions of raw emotion.
Wedding day with friends speech in black and white
2.) The texture it brings out in dresses and décor reveals a quiet grandeur to one of the biggest day of their lives.
Bride and groom at the reception in black and white
3.) Monochrome photos invite a closer examination that pulls you in and makes you take a closer, more refreshing look at what’s in all of the pictures. Photos in color don’t have that same invitational way of gracing album pages.
Bride and groom's first dance at their wedding reception in black and white
4.) Reception photos done exceptionally well can still be a battle between décor, subjects of the picture, emotion of the subjects and others in the background. Photo editing has made it possible to change many of these factors and yet clients still prefer black and white because it simplifies the photo by making the subjects the sole focus.
Groomsman and the groom having fun at the reception in black and white
5.) There’s a certain timeless quality to images in black and white that make the wedding look as though it could have happened yesterday, so when you’re showing your children photos from the big day, they’ll be transported to that timeless place as well.
Groom's speech at his wedding reception in black and whiteBride and groom's timeless dance at their wedding reception in black and white
Are black and white photos right for your reception speeches and dances? Only you can know for sure, but if you have questions, we’re more than happy to answer them in consultations. Even if you’re working with another photographer, it’s worth asking them about this possibility because ultimately, it’s your big day and as photographers, we’re here to make it the event of a lifetime.
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Happy Wedding Planning!

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