Q&A: Which Camera Setting Works Best?

Capturing photos of your family is the greatest service you can offer to them, to give them the gift of time as they grow older.

During photo sessions, it’s common for the photography-loving family member to ask us questions on how to best capture their family the other 363 days of the year they’re not working with us.
We wanted to make a space on the blog for just those family members and so we’re introducing a special “Q&A” post to tackle those very questions.
The question we’ve been asked most frequently in the past year is: What setting captures the best photos every time?
The answer to this question is that it depends on the situation you’re in and so we’ve broken it down into situations you’ll find yourself in when taking pictures of your family, combined with the most appropriate setting.
1.) Pictures with one or two family members: Aperture Priority (A or Tv on your setting dial).
Why it works: this setting looks at the subject you’re focusing on and often smooths out background details, giving the perfect blurred effect.
2.) Pictures with groups at holidays: Program or Automatic (P or Auto on your dial).
Why it works: it takes into consideration all of the factors at play in the photograph you’re trying to take and creates a clean, sharp photo with the best lighting possible.
3.) Pictures where the subject is in motion: Shutter Priority (S on your dial).
Why it works: this particular setting senses the motion in the picture you’re trying to take and adjusts itself to best capture motion. We’ve had family members talk about how they started using this setting when photographing their children’s sports or family games with great results.
There are more complex settings on each camera that are catered specifically to being outside, doing a portrait, sports photography, cloudy days, photographing nature and shooting in lower light. If you camera has a multitude of these settings, we would recommend practising until you know how each responds to situations you’ll be taking the most pictures in.
Our philosophy is that if you spent the money on a great camera, it shouldn’t be hard to learn to make the most of it and we look forward to helping you take great photographs the other 363 days of the year.
What are issues you’ve had, that you’d like to see us tackle in this portion of the blog?
Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail at info@daphotostudio.com
Happy Photographing!

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