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Life is full of an abundance of choices, we are provided with so many options. From the dairy aisle in the grocery store to the number of careers we can partake in when we grow up. At times the decisions we are forced to make can be overwhelming. Some times you just know what you want and the decision is easy. For Michala, one of those easy decisions was when she made up her mind to work with me. Michala was referred to me through a coworker. When she commented on a group of photos on her coworker’s desk, Michala learned about my photography business. Michala appreciated my work and made a commitment to book an appointment with me when she had the chance.
Family Portrait by the lake - Family Photographer
Weather (Not) Permitting
The fall can be both the best time of year for photos and the worst. While the rich colours provide a gorgeous background, the weather isn’t always as cooperative. A number of times Michala and I had to reschedule due to inclement weather. We persevered and in the end every image was worth the due diligence!
Father and his two sons Portrait - Family  Photographer
Even though we waited for good weather, we had to sacrifice temperature and run the whole photo session in the cold. Michala’s family was dressed in coordinating black shirts and jeans. Instead of sacrifice the aesthetic of their wardrobe, Michala’s family braved the cold for the end result – beautiful images! I started taking photos of the kids immediately, so they were able to don their warm jackets while I finished working with their parents. Despite the cold temps, Michala’s children were a pleasure to work with and we were able to joke about the weather and have lots of fun, which makes for great memories.
Child Portrait in black and white - Children Photographer Teen Portrait in black and white - Children Photographer Siblings Portrait in black and white - Children Photographer
Location, Location, Location
One of my favourite places to photograph at is Paletta Mansion in Burlington, Ontario. The grounds at the Mansion are well-kept, beautifully designed and located within a lush forest that provides yet another option for beautiful photos. Not to mention the architecture of the Mansion itself. From the brick to the door frames, the background options are endless. I have taken many photos of families at Paletta and not one of them is replicated with another family photo.
Family Portrait in Fall - Family Photographer Family Portrait in Fall full of fun - Family Photographer Family Portrait in Autumn - Family Photographer Family Portrait in Autumn at Paletta Mansion - Family Photographer
Perfect Posing
One of the struggles Michala’s family had with the photo-taking process was posing. She and her family weren’t seasoned in the art of posing as a group. While you might think this might be hard to work with, it wasn’t in the least. Each family member was open to learning how to pose and did their best every time. By the end of the session, the family were pros and I think we can now call them seasoned picture posers! Having an open mind to the process and having a good attitude are the only two things you need when posing for pictures and working with your photographer.
Family Portrait by the lake at Paletta Mansion - Family Photographer Happy parents Portrait at Paletta Mansion - Family Photographer Couple Portrait in Fall - Couples Photographer
During the entire session, we were able to take photos at about eight different locations within the Paletta Mansion grounds. We captured images using the building itself, the beach, rocks and forest. By four o’clock in the evening the sun was setting and I felt like we covered every possible location within the mansion grounds. It was a full day but, the photos speak for themselves, it was worth every minute!

Family walk in fall Portrait - Family  Photographer

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Location: Paletta Lakefront and Mansion, Burlington, ON




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