Why sunset engagement pictures accentuate a powerful connection

In my very recent blog post I talked about the beauty and benefits of doing sunset engagement pictures. There I have explained in further detail various scenarios and listed the benefits for doing photos at that time. When I met Lauren and Dave, I knew that they were a couple that would benefit greatly from

Family Photographer | Double the Laughs with Daniela and her Family with professional photos | Paletta Mansion, Burlington

A lot of parents are committed to taking professional photos annually to preserve the memory of our kids at this time in their lives. These photos are more telling than our annual school portraits which can be stiff and unforgiving. Family photo shoots tell a vivid story about our current time.  From Trains to Dinosaurs

Family Photographer | Michala’s Family | Mom of two knows what she wants in a photographer!

Life is full of an abundance of choices, we are provided with so many options. From the dairy aisle in the grocery store to the number of careers we can partake in when we grow up. At times the decisions we are forced to make can be overwhelming. Some times you just know what you