Wedding Photographer | Why this Hamilton wedding helped showcase the diversity of the city | Hamilton, ON

When Matt and Agata approached me at the Ancaster wedding show regarding their proposed Hamilton wedding, I knew it would be a good fit. Being familiar with Hamilton and a number of its hidden gems, I knew I could deliver some amazing images.

Bride and Groom at The PowerHouse in Stoney Creek

How this Hamilton wedding celebrated a readymade family in some diverse spots in the city

We started our day at Matt’s mother’s bungalow where he got ready for his big day. I decided to use black and white images to document his preparations because it added a look and classy tone.

Groom at C by Carmen's

Groomsman's at Hamilton Wedding

Groomsman at Hamilton Wedding

Meanwhile Agata was getting herself ready in the presence of her daughter, sister and mother. Being of Polish decent, her mother and sister gave her a traditional blessing which was emotionally charged.

Bride at Hamilton Wedding

Flower girl at Hamilton Wedding

Bride to be at C by Carmens

Brides in Hamilton

Bridesmaids at Hamilton Weddings

Agata’s daughter was so excited to be a part of her mother’s big day. Watching Matt with her was heart warming as he was obviously treated her as his own and the bond was evident.

Wedding Photographer in Hamilton

Wedding Photographers in Hamilton

Once dressed, we headed over to St Stanislaus Roman Catholic church where I chose journalistic style coverage for their ceremony.

Church Wedding in Hamilton

The church was stunning with an abundance of light and bright colours adorning the walls and ceilings.

Church Weddings in Hamilton

I found a second level that allowed me a fantastic vantage point to capture the detailing in the church’s interior.

Best Hamilton Church Wedding Location

After the ceremony was complete, the bridal party headed over to The Powerhouse in Stoney Creek. (View here more weddings photographed at The PowerHouse)

Wedding Church Ceremony in Hamilton

Wedding Ceremonies in Hamilton

Hamilton Wedding Ceremony

I love the rustic and contrasting looks achievable with photos taken at this restaurant and event space.

Best Stoney Creek Indoor Wedding Photo Location

Bride and Groom at The PowerHouse

The wrought iron staircase, chandeliers, and brick walls add fun but classy backdrops.

Top Wedding Photographer in Stoney Creek

Top Wedding Photographers in Stoney Creek

The PowerHouse Wedding Photography

By scheduling to be inside at the hottest part of the day, it allowed everyone to cool off.

Bridesmaids Dresses at The PowerHouse

Wedding Pictures in Stoney Creek

Summer weddings are generally great weather but it’s important to stay protected from the sun. A sweaty and squinty eyed wedding party is always tricky to work with.

Bridal Party in Stoney Creek

Bridal Party in Stoney Creek by The PowerHouse

This Hamilton wedding uncovered some secret gems the city has to offer

Bridal Party in Hamilton at King Forest Park

Once everyone had cooled down, we headed outside for a brief outdoor session at Kings Forest Park. The beauty of having a wedding in Hamilton is the range of varying backdrops in such close proximity. You have access to waterfalls, industrial looking historical buildings, parks, lakefront properties, event spaces and a tonne of character. These diverse looks offer incredible photographic opportunities.

Bride and Groom at King Forest Park

Top Wedding Photographers for King Forest park in Hamilton

Top Wedding Photographer for King Forest park in Hamilton

We ended the evening inside the C hotel by Carmen’s. It proved to be a cozy, family oriented reception which reiterated Matt and Agata’s intentions.

Wedding Reception at the C by Carmens

Wedding Receptions at The C by Carmen's in Hamilton

Upon reflection, the magical part of the day for me was watching the sheer joy on everyone’s face as they celebrated the joining of not only the wedding couple but of Agata’s daughter into the marriage. I look forward to following their life journey.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Lighting assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Photo Booth: DA Photography

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