Katie Williamson Family Photo Session, Mississauga, ON

It’s always pleasure to be asked to photograph a large family. The fact that it is not an everyday event for that family makes it even more important. Today I had the privilege to photograph Katie’s family at their parents’ house in Mississauga.

They are about to move to Florida and they wanted to have vivid memories of the house they nurtured their children and raised their family: a house full with happy moments and unforgettable memories.

This was the 2nd photo session that I did it on my birthday. It was raining 80% of the time and all group photos were taken in the time when it was not rainy and all individual/couple photos were done under the backyard deck.

All photos are available for viewing to those which password is provided on DA Photography’s online viewing gallery. Photos taken June 24th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography.Location: Private Property, Mississauga, ON


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