Brenda Tam’s Family Portrait Session at Boiler House, Toronto, ON

Rain can be a daunting prospect for photographers, as you immediately find yourself traversing the plains of the great indoors, looking for the perfect pictures to reveal themselves to you. We decided to make the best of the session regardless of the weather and even got pictures outside, which was uncommon for me to work

Manisha & Steve’s Baby Twins Portrait Session by DA Photography at Kelso, Milton, ON

First time portrait shoots for young families can prove interesting because you get a glimpse of their perception of photo sessions. It’s also wonderful because you have the chance to let them know that despite any insecurities they may have, your primary job is to capture them looking as they do at their best and

Dave Colbert’s Family Portrait Session at Paletta Lakefront Park & Mansion, Burlington, ON

Fall portrait sessions lend themselves to gorgeous scenery and are sometimes at the will of the weather of the season. This can bring about unique challenges for a photographer but a wealth of experience lends itself to the consistent capturing of the beauty of family regardless of the weather. They were eager for the session