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Starting a business is challenging. You can read all business books and take all business courses but, in the end you are left to using your own instincts. Trusting your own judgement. What works for someone else, might not work for you or your business. One thing that has always worked well for me though, is my work itself. My images. A lot of my clients come from referrals from family, friends, colleagues and past clients. My father-in-law is a particularly helpful indirect connection and introduced me to Sandra and her husband, a pilot with the Canadian Armed Forces.
Couple at the boat - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer
Toronto Skyline
Sandra and her husband are a couple on the go. In the past year they relocated to from Toronto to Ottawa for work and upon news of their departure, the couple knew they wanted to capture their memories of the big city. One of the first photo sessions I held when I moved to the Greater Toronto Area was with the Toronto skyline in the background. I took the photos from  Toronto Island. Sandra saw that photo and knew that she wanted to have the same sort of look and feel in her images.
Couple at the ferry  - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer At the park  - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Couple with Toronto Skyline at their background  - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer
A Great Canadian Game
Like many Toronto residents, Sandra and her husband are also avid football fans. By the end of our session, this beautiful couple ditched their fancy clothes and donned their Toronto Argonaut jerseys for some fun photos. Sometimes sports jerseys can look a little over-the-top in photos but, there are ways to incorporate your favourite jerseys without sacrificing tact. I think we were able to pull off the fun, sporty look in a classic way. The photos of Sandra and her husband in their Argonauts jerseys fit in perfectly with the photos of them dressed up.
Couple with Toronto Skyline at their background - Sport Theme - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer
Prime Location
Toronto Island really is one of the best places to hold your next photo session. The only fee you pay is for the ferry to travel to the island. Once you’re on the island, there are no fees to use the grounds to conduct your photo shoot and there are so many background options. We were able to capture some great images on the ferry itself – there’s no sense in wasting time waiting to step foot on the island! Using the city skyline in the background gave us the opportunity to incorporate the city-feel without the need to be right down town, in the heart of the city (and traffic). Other than the city skyline, there is plenty of green space, bushes, trees, wild flowers and gardens to incorporate in the photos, not to mention Lake Ontario.
Two in love captured through water fountain - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer The look of love - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer By the bridge - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Couple at the end of the stone bridge - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer
Picture Perfect
As the picture perfect couple was moving to Ottawa, I was editing their photos. They moved within the week after our photo session. Their photos truly represent their last days in the Toronto area. It’s always a pleasure working with such an open minded, easy-going couple. I have been known to travel to Ottawa to work with clients, there’s no reason Sandra, her husband and I can’t meet up again on their turf!
Two in love +  water fountain - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Couple in a park at the bench - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Head shot in a  park at the bench - Toronto Island Wedding PhotographerHappiness - Toronto Island Wedding PhotographerThe hug  - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer Couple at the stone bridge - Toronto Island Wedding PhotographerOn the bridge, after photo session - Toronto Island Wedding Photographer
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Location: Toronto Island, Toronto, ON




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