5 Facts that no one told you about relaxed Engagement Photography |Guelph, ON

With images of Julia and Curtis’ engagement photography, I would like to share 5 facts that no one tells you for a more relaxed photo session. Perhaps there are more of us photographer out there who like to be proactive and inform you prior to the session. However, the couples that have come to me

Wedding Photographer |You know it will be a fun wedding when you mix Irish Bride and Latino Groom| Oakville Harbour, ON

I knew I was in for a fun day when I initially met Claire and Gary to discuss their wedding plans at Oakville Harbour. When you mix Irish and Latino cultures, you are guaranteed a party to remember. Emotionally charged Latino, Irish wedding This was a wedding that I will always hold near to my

Wedding Venues | A magical rooftop wedding in Toronto | Atlantis Pavilions, Old Ontario Place

With so many options available at our fingertips for wedding venues in Toronto and its surrounding cities, it can be exhausting trying to narrow down the perfect space. One of my recent couples, Brittany and Ken White, found their magical spot on a rooftop at the Atlantis Pavilions in old Ontario Place. When they prayed