PDA is Okay for your engagement photos! Guelph, ON

It would be great to say ABSOLUTELY YES PDA! However, there are a few guidelines to make PDA fit perfectly in your engagement photos. This depends on your photographer’s direction and connection. This is a great way for your photographer to see what you are comfortable with and to get to know you better as a couple.

Engagement Photos at Royal Botanical Gardens

Engagement Photos at Hendrie Park

Engagement Photos at Royal Botanical Garden

Don’t fake it. Be you and show your real emotions.

Engagement Photos in Burlington

Engagement Photos at Proof Bar

Letting each couple be themselves is key for the chemistry to shine. My job is to make sure you look amazing while being yourselves. Making sure body postures are positioned the most flattering way, lighting is on point, and to hide what doesn’t want shown is something that may be more posed.

Burlington Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos by the lake

Use your eyes to flirt in your engagement photos

Engagement Photos in Spring

Engagement Photos at Paletta Mansion

Paletta Mansion Engagement Photos

20-30 years from now, these pictures will never be boring to you. Real emotions never go out of style.

Have fun!

Ball's Falls Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos at Ball's Falls

Engagement Photos in Niagara

Engagement Photos in Lincoln

This is about celebrating your love. Enjoy every moment, if your not comfortable it will show. Utilize different locations and outfits make you feel like a model.

Engagement Photos in Port Perry

Absolutely kiss! (PDA!!)

Engagement Photography in Hamilton

Engagement Photos at Albion Falls

The moments before and after the kiss are the most striking for pictures. So I may say… “Hold it there before your lips touch”. This is more attractive, sexy, and provocative. This is also more fun for you to get a chance to flirt with each other! Showing affection in public is very important for the outcome of photos. 99% of the engagement shoot is all about PDA and showing your love.

Engagement Photos at Arboretum in Barrie

Winter Engagement Photos

If your photographer offers an engagement photos – always say yes!

Distillery District Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos at Distillery District in Toronto

Engagement Photos at Distillery District

We are working together to create a bond for the wedding day coverage. After the engagement shoot, we sit down and choose what you like. This shows me what you are comfortable with and what you want from your wedding photos. This makes everyone feel comfortable on the wedding day because we all know what you like and don’t like.

Engagement Photography at Paletta Mansion

Fall Engagement Photography

Fall Engagement Photography at Paletta Mansion

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
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