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Before I break down Ola and Christina’s golf course wedding let me rewind and tell you how we met.

Wedding Ring in Maple

I originally met Ola’s sister years ago resulting in a family photoshoot which led to me photographing his brother’s Yomi and Stefanie wedding. Being from a Nigerian family with a large number of siblings, I proved myself and am now the family’s go to photographer for all family events.

Wedding Ring in Brampton

We started the day in Brampton where Ola spent the morning in the company of his family and groomsmen. His smile was contagious as he prepared himself for his big day.

Groom wedding details

Groom in Brampton

Groom at Deer Creek

Groomsman's in Brampton

Groomsman's in Brampton Wedding

Meanwhile, Christina was in Maple at her parent’s house where she had an entourage getting her ready. A touching three generational photo captured her mother and grandmother helping with the final touches.

Wedding Dress at Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding

Bride in Maple

Bridesmaids in Maple

Bridal party Photo in Maple

Wedding photos of a bride in Maple

Wedding photo of a bride in Maple

The bridesmaids were all over getting in front of the camera so it made for a fun and relaxed photoshoot.

Candid photos of a bridesmaid on a wedding day

Wedding pictures in Maple

Three generation wedding photos

Brides in Maple

Wedding shoes on a golf club weddding

One stop shop for this golf course wedding

Bridal party at Deer Creek in Ajax

Brides Portraits in Maple

This was my first experience of Deer Creek Golf Club in Ajax and I was very impressed. Its ability to transform itself into a one stop shop made for a versatile golf course wedding photoshoot location.

Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding

Program at Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding

The only issue we ran into that day was the heat and its impact on the wedding party and our planned photoshoot. Being June, we had hoped for a clear, sunny day, but even the guests were using their programs as fans in the heat.

Bride with her father at Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding

Brides with her father at Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding

Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club

Garden Wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club

The venue itself was hidden from the wind so there was no cross breeze and Christina became visibly uncomfortable.

Garden Weddings at Deer Creek Golf Club

Garden Wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club in Ajax

Ajax Garden Wedding

Jackie, my photographic assistant worked wonders by capturing some fantastic wide angle shots that showcased different perspectives.

Deer Creek in Ajax Garden Weddings

Bridal party at outdoor wedding in Ajax

We had initially planned on an hours’ worth of photos after the ceremony. Given the heat we decided that doing ten minute bursts at a time would work better.

Bride and Groom at Deer Creek

Bride and Groom at Deer Creek in Ajax

I scoured the property for anything that could provide shade. One of my favourite images from this golf course wedding was when I whisked Ola and Christina off away from the guests. The images we shot of the two of them as he held her hand were simplistic and carefree. They showed off her beautiful dress and their surroundings.

Bride and Groom Photos at Deer Creek in Ajax

Bride and Groom Photo at Deer Creek

Wedding photos at Deer Creek

Best Wedding Photographer for Deer Creek Golf Club

Would you have considered these important factors for a golf course wedding?

Despite the temperatures, nothing could dampen the bridesmaids’ spirits as we saw in this candid group shot.

Top Photographer at Deer Creek in Ajax

Ola’s family had dressed in traditional Nigerian clothing so they added a fun and vibrant element to the family photos.

Wedding Photographers for Nigerian Weddings in Ajax

Once inside the reception area, we documented some emotionally charged speeches and really fun and energetic dancing.

Wedding Cake at Deer Creek Golf Club

Wedding details at Deer Creek

Ajax Wedding Receptions

The walls were mirrored on three sides so it offered perfect lighting and made everything bright and shiny.

Wedding Reception at Deer Creek

Wedding Receptions at Deer Creek

I opted for a journalistic style of coverage for the reception, allowing me to capture the emotions and energy of the group. This image of Christina’s father being comforted by her uncle is really endearing.

Photograph of a Wedding Reception in Ajax

Wedding Photography at Deer Ceeek

Wedding Photograpers at Deer Ceeek

Wedding Venue in Ajax

We ended the night with the dance floor heaving as memories were made that would be retold over the years.

Top Golf Course Wedding Venue

Ajax Ballroom Weddings

Fun Wedding Photographers at Deer Creek in Ajax

Deer Creek Wedding Photography

A valuable tip I offer my clients is the importance of visiting your chosen venue a year before. This will give you an idea of what to expect for your big day in terms of scenery and temperature. Lastly, never get flustered as a good photographer will always have a backup plan as we proved. Despite the heat, we made the photoshoot work and those looking at the photos after would never know the battles we dealt with.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Lighting assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Photo Booth: DA Photography
Wedding  Ceremony and Reception: Deer Creek, Golf Club and Banquet Facility, Ajax, ON
Photography Locations: Deer Creek Golf Club, Ajax, ON

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