Why this winter wedding was so special that the big man himself dropped in for a visit | Edgewater Manor, ON

Lucy and Tom are a classic example as to why you shouldn’t put an age cap on finding true love. The advantage of mature wedding couples is that they know what they want rather than trying to please family. This was the case when my couple knew they wanted a small, intimate winter wedding in a luxurious venue.

Church Winter Wedding in Oakville

We began our day with Lucy getting her hair and makeup done with her maid of honour in a Fortelli Salon and Spa in Oakville. This paved the way to a day and night of opulent and classy touches.

Brides in Oakville

Bride in Oakville

When we first met, they had decided that they were happy with one of my smaller photographic packages. They didn’t feel like they needed to invest in extra coverage as wanted to keep things simple and low key. Once they began their big day and saw the quality and complexity of my work and realised they were going to have to limit what I shot, they asked me to upgrade. Luckily I was available so they ended up being able to capture every little detail to treasure forever.

Wedding rings in Oakville

Winter wedding in Edgewater Manor

St Jude Catholic Church in Oakville is beautifully traditional in style and small in stature. The insides are adorned with wooden arches and stained glass windows which translated really well in the photos.

Church Weddings in Oakville

The dim lighting inside highlighted the nature of the small, intimate wedding.

Oakville Church Wedding

Oakville Church Weddings

In order to add some contrast to the interior shots, I positioned my couple in the centre of the open church doors. The light from outside and the stunning blue stained glass window offered a wonderfully balanced image.

Weddings at St. Jude Church in Oakville

Being a winter wedding, the sun set so early that we had to be conscious of the limited daylight hours. We made the most of the parish’s garden for some of the photographic setups before heading over to Edgewater Manor.

Wedding Photographer in Oakville

Church Wedding Photographers in Oakville

Best Wedding Photographers in Oakville

Top Wedding Photographers in Oakville

A one of a kind luxurious lake side mansion, prefect for this intimate winter wedding

Edgewater Manor Wedding Photography

Winter Wedding at Edgewater Manor

Edgewater Manor is a luxurious 1920’s lake side mansion reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era in Stoney Creek. The chandelier laden breathtaking main dining room offers panoramic views of Lake Ontario.

We completed our exterior wedding photography from their grounds with the Toronto skyline glistening in the background.

Winter Weddings at Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek

Best Photographer for Edgewater Manor

Best Photographers for Edgewater Manor

Stoney Creek Winter Weddings

Once inside we took advantage of their Christmas decorations and used the festive pinecones to stage the ring close ups.

Christmas Winter wedding at Edgewater Manor

Wedding Cake at Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek

The upscale venue was so well matched for Lucy and Tom’s needs and Edgewater Manor’s service and support was seamless.

Edgwater Manor Wedding Photographers

Edgewater Manor Wedding Pictures

Edgewater Manor Wedding Photo on Boxing Day

As you can see from the speeches, the layout of the table configuration was perfect for a small, cozy event. Every guest felt a part of the action and they was a lot of space without it looking empty.

Edgewater Manor Wedding Receptions

Fun Edgewater Manor Wedding Reception

One of the biggest surprises of the evening was when a surprise visitor turned up. Who better to have as a wedding crasher than the big man himself, Santa Claus! His appearance was a sure fire hit as he pulled Lucy onto his lap to wish them a successful marriage.

Wedding Pictures at Edgwater Manor with Santa Claus

Best Venue in Stoney Creek in a winter wedding with Santa Claus

Age is but a number for this luxurious winter wedding

Ballroom Wedding at Edgewater Manor

Ballroom Weddings in Stoney Creek

The evening ended with the dance floor full of guests, in a state of gastronomic delight after their award winning fine dining. A live band ensured there wasn’t any excuse to be left sitting.

Best Wedding Reception Venue in Stoney Creek

Best Stoney Creek Reception Venue

Photograph at Edgewater Manor

As the evening drew to an end and I ventured outside, I noticed the heavens had finally opened. With a mix of rain and snow, I ushered my couple outside to grab one last image of them taking shelter under an umbrella. The simplicity of the drops which caught the light as they fell around them seemed a prefect representation of their winter wedding.

Edgewater Manor Weddings

I decided to focus on a journalistic style of coverage for their big day as it allowed a more realistic portrayal of their event. It was a day of such genuine love, high end luxuries and warmth that it was a good reminder to everyone that age is just a number.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Lighting assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Photo Booth: DA Photography
Here is full info featured for Edgewater as a venue of itself. Plus some more weddings photographed at Edgewater Manor, Daniella & Steve, Alana & Steven and Federico & Sebastian.

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